Friday, July 3, 2015

Red, White and Hearts

Red is one of my absolute favorite colors to wear. It's so bold yet you can still wear it as a neutral. Perhaps that's why I decided to make my 1940s summer suit in red!

There are a lot of colors that go really well with red but for this outfit I decided to go with white and more red to complete this look.

 I wore this outfit on Sunday to go to church and I decided to chance that my hair would last through service and went ahead and styled it down. (and with a curling iron too!)

I didn't do anything too fancy. Just a wave on one side and curled under at the bottom. Simple hair dos are perfect bases for hats though.

This red half hat is so pretty! It's mostly a red velvet with silver sequins and some red netting. I love a hat with a veil! It's another level of sophistication.

And, besides, it's good 1940s etiquette to wear a hat to church. I'm quite sad that almost no one wears hats to church anymore. They are so classy and it's not much to ask for once a week.

Oh, well. I do not get to make the fashion rules which is probably a good thing. I think that much power would go to my head.

In my quest to wear more brooches, I finally wore this lovely heart and key pin for the first time. It's missing a few rhinestones on the key part but it's still so cute!

I like to think that it was a sweetheart gift. You have the key to my heart and all that. Guess I'll never know.

I thought it looked quite cute on the lapel. I think I'll definitely have to remember this pin for Valentine's Day next year. Heart jewelry is perfect for that romantic holiday!

I also pulled out a pair of white gloves to round out this outfit. They were quite dingy when I got them but some soaking made them quite white again. They are not perfectly white especially on the fingers but that's ok.

Sometimes it's those imperfections that make vintage pieces so special. They come with a past and a history. Even if we don't know all of the details, we still have that connection tot he past.


  1. I like hearing about your little stories behind your pieces -- even if it's just an educated guess! I wonder how commonly romantic jewelry was given? And I've never heard a sweeter reason to be happy for stubborn stains on a pair of gloves!

    You look darling, and it brightens my day to see your posts.

    -- Tegan

  2. Absolutely gorgeous suit and brooch!!! Red is one of my signature colours, too, and I'm really starting to wear more of it in the summer months, too, not just the chilly ones, which has been when I've traditionally reached for it most often.

    I hope you guys had a splendid 4th of July weekend!

    ♥ Jessica

  3. Eeep! Your hat! Once again, I'm swoon over your stunning headpiece. It really is something special, just like that lovely heart and key pin. :) ❤

    bonita of Lavender & Twill