Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Three Things August

Life's been a bit crazy lately so here's a quick post of some of the things that have been going on lately.

Three projects I'm working on:

1. Another 1920s 1-hour dress- This one is made from some yummy embroidered cotton that I purchased in the garment district in LA. I'm also planning a matching jacket to go with it.

2. Mending- I am way behind on mending! Eep! While I'm not doing Project 333 anymore, I've not unpacked my "extra" clothes so my closet is still pretty small. Even losing two or three pieces to the mending pile makes a huge dent when you are wearing only 33 pieces.

3. Beachwear- I started the Wearing History Sunkissed Sweetheart pattern but then got distracted by other things. And while most of you are wrapping up summer, here in Florida, we've got another solid month of it to go!

Three shows I've been watching:

1. Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries is a fabulous show about a lady detective in late 1920s Australia. I adore all of the fashions in this show and the plot of the mysteries are actually pretty clever. Alas, season 3 is not on Netflix yet.

2. Once Upon a Time inspired me to get a pixie not once, but twice! The latest season is set to be released on Netflix soon so I'm rewatching the previous seasons in preparation. Hopefully, I'll get through everything before the new season airs on tv since we have cable again.

3. I've been a House M.D. fan for years and now I get to watch it with my hubby. Yay for Netflix!

Three things I've been day dreaming about:

1. More Disney bounding- I had such a blast Disney bounding earlier this summer! I don't currently have any definite plans to return to Disney in the near future but it can't hurt to have an outfit prepared just in case. Plus, there's always Halloween coming up.

2. Historical Costuming- It's almost the Ohio Renaissance Festival season and I'm having costuming withdrawal. I haven't found any local costuming groups that are a good fit for me yet so I haven't done too much costuming lately.

3. Art Deco jewelry- With all of the 1920s things I've been looking at, I've developed quite a taste for art deco jewelry. So lovely! Alas, the vintage pieces tend to be way out of my price range and the 1920s aren't hip and cool right now.

Three things I'm looking forward to:

1. Pumpkin things- I adore pumpkin flavored things and I'm one of those people who get's excited when those things start to roll out a bit early. Nom nom nom.

2. The end of the rainy season- It rains a ton here in Florida in the summer and while I much prefer a rainy summer to a snowy winter, I'm ready for a break. I also wouldn't complain of some of the outdoor allergens decided to take a break.

3. Retreat- I'm going on a women's retreat with some of my girl friends in September and I'm super pumped for it! It's being held at a fabulous hotel right on the beach.


  1. Pumpkin season is almost here! Yay! Can't wait.

  2. Oooooohhhh, yes! I felt the first chilly autumn breeze up in Indiana yesterday and got all shivery and excited for wearing skirts with tights and chunky sweaters and clutching cups of pumpkin-flavored coffee...

  3. Really lovely post - and that last photo is absolutely beautiful. I'm giddy about the return of pumpkin (spice) season, too, and have already begun cooking with it again.

    Have a beautiful tail end of summer,
    ♥ Jessica