Friday, August 14, 2015

Downton Abbey 1 Hour Dresses

After the success of my 1 hour dress, I've been day dreaming of more! I thought I'd try and find some inspiration from Downton Abbey and I found quite a few dresses that could be recreated using the 1 hour dress pattern.

This delightful white summer dress is darling! Add a peter pan collar and drapey bits to a dress made in cotton voile or lawn.

This version features a boat neck and gathers on the side panels. While I suspect this dress was hand embroidered, you might be able to find some pre-embroidered fabric.

 This dress would take a bit more effort to get to with the sailor collar and set in sleeves but you could merge a sailor blouse pattern with the 1 hour dress pattern to do something similar.

Sybil is rocking out a cute printed version of the 1 hour dress. It's a perfect pattern for a great print or fun embellishment. This one features longer sleeves and a matching underskirt which works for the earlier period when Sybil was still on the show.

Edith's, Mary's (seen above) and Rose's could all be made with the 1 hour dress pattern. Edith's dress features some pretty embroidery and a cute collar. Rose's dress has a slimmer skirt and has a great beaded pattern on it. And check out the cute bows at the hips!

The really key to these dresses is picking a light weight drapey fabric and then adding a special detail like embroidery or a print. With additional neckline and collar variations, the possiblities are endless! Which should I make next?


  1. Oo, I don't know, but I can't wait to see what you pick! Like you I am wary of the silhouette, but I can't resist a one hour pattern!!!

  2. Sybil's dress would look so great done in one of the Egyptian style prints you've been using lately!

  3. It really is a versatile basic pattern! I like cutting the skirt off at the (drop)waist and attaching a hanker-chief style skirt (which is just an offset square of fabric with a hole in the middle, I have a sketch on my blog) or a circle skirt for more volume. I have been wanting to make a super simple black silk 1 hour dress and then make different collars that can be tucked in around the neckline or attached with hidden snaps for a variety of looks. I wish I could find gorgeous beaded fabrics like the dresses on Downton are made of! I have considered buying vintage Indian sari fabrics for this purpose as they often have pretty beading. Good luck with your next 20's project!

  4. They're all really lovely and completely elegant. The printed version Sybil is rocking appeals to me a lot, but I'm sure that versions of any of them would look fantastic on you, dear gal.

    ♥ Jessica