Friday, August 21, 2015

The Same But Different

Most people think that having a small wardrobe means that your outfits will quickly become routine and boring. This is so not true! First off, you are always wearing pieces you absolutely love rather than things that are sort of meh.

It's hard to feel blue when you are wearing things that you love!

Working with a more limited wardrobe actually makes me feel more creative because I have to work harder to get that variety.

Accessories are really key for helping you spice up more basic looks. I've worn this blouse and skirt combo before on the blog but not with these accessories.

I swapped out my more traditional shoe choice for these remix leather sandals that really deserve to get worn more often.

And you don't need belt loops on a skirt to add a belt. A nice crisp white belt adds visual interest to the waist line.

While neutral accessories are an easy choice, I could have gone with any of the colors in my Wearing History Norma Jean blouse. Imagine blue, navy or even bubble gum pink!

To echo the white belt, I added a white hair flower. If you are ever nervous about if the color of your accessory goes with your outfit, just add a few more accessories in the same color and you will almost always be safe.

To finish off the look, I stuck with my color palette and went with green earrings and pink lipstick.

 Basics are a girls best friend! Especially if you are just starting out wearing vintage and trying to build up your wardrobe.

 Do you enjoy restyling your favorite outfits or do you generally have one set of accessories that you wear with a particular outfit?


  1. Oh goodness you look so darn cute! And yes I have been restyling a few pieces especially skirts :) xox

  2. When I'm creating an outfit, I take time to match my accessories often trying some before picking the right ones... but yes, it's fun to see how an outfit can change only by adding a hat, choose another main color, flats instead of high heels....
    But I like so much buying new (vintage of course...) clothes, it will be hard for me to downsize my wardrobe! Moreover vintage is sometimes so fragile, you cannot wear the same pices on a daily basis....
    But you did a great job here!

  3. Spot on about loving your clothes helping them to constantly feel exciting. That is so awesomely true!

    ♥ Jessica

  4. I absolutely love the addition of the white belt to this outfit Stephanie! It provides such a nice line of contrast. And those sandals are so lovely too.

    the Middle Sister and Singer