Monday, August 10, 2015

More Outfit Adventures

I'm still working on my lady adventurer/archeologist type look so when I found this great printed blue rayon blouse, I knew I just had to have it! A lot of times, this look is all browns which is not really me so I paired it with a great green skirt for a bit of Stephanie.

 I love the cut of this blouse! It's loose and comfy. It reminds me a bit of the blouse that Marion wore in the Raiders of the Lost Ark but with a blue print instead of red embroidery.

Oh, the yummy print! I'm definitely not a Middle Eastern print guru so I just look for something that reads as ethnic but not African, Asian or Southwestern. African prints seem really popular this summer but I'm not doing safari this summer.

It's been hot, steamy and rainy lately. Part of the inspiration for this look was looking at how people dress in other countries that are super hot. Light, loose and covered is a great way to beat the heat. Plus light weight, natural fibers dry quicky when you get caught in a surprise shower.

I'm loving my short hair again. It's just very me. I'm a crazy short haired lady. And it's way easier to deal with in 100% humidity with rain every day.

I've been playing around with my makeup too. I still like a very natural look but it's always great to change things up. Today, I wore a darker, more muted red lip and went with dusty rose blush to invoke a bit of that 20s feel.

What this outfit is missing is some great accessories. I'm still on the hunt for some great necklaces, earrings, belts and brooches. I was hoping to score some at our local flea market, but there was really only new stuff and junk. :(

Florida is definitely not as good for antiquing as Ohio. Guess everyone leaves their old stuff in Ohio before retiring to Florida! Seriously, there are a ton of Ohio peeps in Florida.

On the upside, there are great tropical plants to pose in front of! It definitely adds to the adventure feel of the outfit.


  1. That print really is yummy, I agree, It has such a great depth and the dark colour palette is timelessly elegant. Terrific summer piece!

    ♥ Jessica

  2. Oh, that blouse looks so cool and floaty! I am a huge fan of floaty blouses for beating the summer heat ~ there's nothing quite like them. ❤

    bonita of Lavender & Twill

  3. Since the flea market did not work out. You can check for local estate sales. Some of these estate sale web sites even have photos of things they are selling. Elegantmusings on youtube talked a little bit about estate sales and the Florida heat on her channel. To get the best items at estate sales, get there before they open their doors and get on the list to beat the rush.

  4. There are some decent antique stores in Naples if I'm remembering correctly! If I move down there, you'll have to visit so we can Antique!