Friday, March 11, 2016

Where I do Bible Journaling

Between my Konmari Journey and picking up Bible Journaling, I've done some serious rearranging and reorganizing in my crafting room. (See the before here.) Once I completely finish, I'll do a full video tour but I did want to give you a peak into wear I do my Bible Journaling.

This 50s kitchen table is one of the few vintage pieces of furniture that I have in my home. Vintage is not my husband's interior decor style so I don't think I'll ever live in a perfectly retro home but I do have a few touches here and there. I try to keep a minimal amount of supplies out since this space also doubles as my sewing space.

I keep most of my stamps in a small basket. I adore stamping and I have a lot from my scrapbooking days. This allows me to easily flip through them and find the stamps I'm looking for.

Next to it, I have a small pile of bits from Illustrated Faith that I keep handy incase I want to use them. If I had more of these tip in bits, I'd probably want to keep them in a box or bin but since it's just these few, they don't get out of hand.

In the opposite corner, I have the box my journaling bible came in which I use to hold my Illustrated Faith devos and some other bits that I want to keep handy. I love the print on the box so I'm glad that I found a place to use it since my bible is now too fat to fit in it! I also have my Whatever is Lovely scrapbook paper, my Illustrated Faith daily chart and a book for a bible study I'm taking.

In my Illustrated Faith baggy, I have my most used supplies: washi tape, my faith based stamps and one of each size of my black micron pens as well as stamp blocks and a tape roller. I think of this as my on the go bag. All I'd have to do is throw in a few inks and I can journal on the go. I don't like to store my inks in here since storing them flat is better for them.

My other supplies live in this rolling storage tower. Pens, pencils and colored pencils live in the top drawer. Gelatos, inks and my stamp cleaner in the second drawer and stickers and microns in the bottom drawer. This is not full by any means but it was a storage container that I already have and it works really well for me.

The other things I keep handy on my desk are my journaling bible, of course, my journal where I do my daily written journaling and a list of verses I want to journal on. I get theses verses from loads of places-sermons, bible studies, my daily reading on days when I don't have time to art journal.

 One of the biggest changes I made to this room was putting my table in front of the window! I love the natural light I get in the morning and it's great to look out and see all of that Florida loveliness while I'm hanging out with God.

 Do you enjoy having a neat and tidy work area or do you prefer a creative clutter for your creations? Do you have a separate crafting space or do you work in a common area of your home? If you've blogged about your crafting space, I'd love to see it so leave a link in the comments!


  1. That table is a thing of awesome mid-century beauty. Don't you wish you could find its pattern in a fabric? :)

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Oh yes, this print would be divine on fabric. I also wish I could find the matching chairs!

  2. I like how your crafting around your Bible really helps (I'm assuming) to focus greater on the words you read! That's awesome.