Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Floral Circle Skirt

I wore my circle skirt today and it was so much fun! I want 10 more circle skirts! :) And I curled my hair with sponge rollers and it was super curly. My curls stayed in all day too, even thought it was 88 and I was outside most of the day. woot! My hair was a bit frizzier at the end of the day (when I took pictures) than at the beginning of the day. Such is life though.

I'll do a bit different set next time I use sponge rollers but they made prettier, stronger holding curls than pin curls ever have for me. I wasn't Shirley Temple but I think I could totally get my hair to do that using the tiny rollers. I can probably also start playing with second day hair (after I get some dry shampoo!) which I could never do with pin curls. They'd always end up just giving me lots of volume but no curl.


Skirt: Handmade by me from a vintage pattern
Lacey tank: ?? I don't remember
Sweater: Ann Taylor Loft
Shoes: my trusty brown wedges from Payless
Earrings: Express

The front of my hair curled very nicely into a pageboy type style (after some rather vigorous brushing). The back didn't behave so nice as a couple of the rollers fell out while I was sleeping. Guess I need to use smaller ones till my hair gets longer. The back also fell a lot during the day due to humidity and my sweaty neck.

My skirt!!! I was so happy with it and I got loads of compliments. I haven't been out this vintage in a long time. I also introduced myself to the wonders of lip liner for giving red lips staying power today. It worked really great! By the end of the day, I did give up and just throw on some gloss, but I'm still learning all the secrets.


  1. that skirt is SO beautiful!! I agree that sponge rollers create great curls!

  2. Great skirt! They are so fun to wear aren't they. Do you have a petticoat underneath? I'm about to try sponge-rollers for the first time tonight. I've been given advice that they're the best for stubborn uncurlable hair like mine. Hope I get results like yours!

    Vintage Belle Blog

  3. Vintage Belle-I'm actually not wearing a petticoat or anything under it to give it shape. The fabric I used was pretty stiff so it holds a nice shape on its own. So far, sponge rollers have given me my best curls. Pin curls never gave me very pretty curls and hot sets never stayed unless the humidity was way low (and then only for a few hours.). Hope your hair turns out great!