Thursday, November 24, 2011

Sew Grateful and the Magic of Jersey

The lovely Debi challenged people to use gifted patterns or fabric, nothing really came to mind that I could do (or have time to do), but when Oona posted this tutorial (and I remembered that Debi said you could be thankful for tutorials too!) that hit the spot!

And let me tell you, I am grateful for this awesome tutorial.

Who doesn't need a simple black cowl dress?

Or a slinky black dress?

Or an off the shoulder dress?

Or a one shoulder dress?

Or a back bearing dress?

And people, this is all the same dress! Through the magic of jersey and Oona's style genius, you too can have one of these lovely dresses! And it's ridiculously comfortable!

And because Oona asked, here's the beverage that helped me figure out this whole knit sewing thing.


I was really excited to learn that my machine had just as many stretch stitches as nonstretch stitiches! Woot! And I happened to have a double pointed needle to make the hem look all fancy.

Now, those of you who know Oona are probably thinking "How can you possibly do an Oona (aka the Queen of Prints) tutorial with *black* jersey?"

Don't worry. I also picked up this lovely print jersey and have whipped up Double Agent Dress #2 already! I even wore it out last night to see Les Miserables. I didn't get any pictures of me in the dress because yesterday was crazy busy. It's not a good idea to have two dresses to finish in one day (this rose dress for Les Mis and a Thanksgiving day dress) plus all that other getting ready for a holiday thing.

Happy Thanksgiving all! Eat some turkey for me since I can't stand the stuff!



    oh my god the one shoulder variation is BRILLIANT, as are all of your looks! i don't even mind the black! (but big ups for the purple rose of cairo selection. nice.)

    the hypnotiq is also calling my name. wonderful use of an essential sewing notion.

  2. Ow ow! You bombshell! I was thinking this wouldn't look as good on a fuller figured girl, but I guess now I have no excuses not to make one!

  3. TOTALLY bombshell! I love all of them but that one should look....rowr!!!!

  4. You look great! Love the one-shoulder look too. The black is very classy!