Saturday, November 19, 2011

Winter sewing palette

I am finally getting started on my last fall sewing project! I have two finished projects to show you and the Cadence sweater to finish knitting but I'm almost there! I did decided to bump the jacket I was planning on making till Christmas break when I'll actually have the time and energy to work on it properly.

I've already been dreaming about (and shopping for) winter sewing projects. I didn't set out with a particular color palette but one just sort of fell on me. (There is probably a reason for this and it has to do with a project I'm going to be starting over Christmas break as well.) But anyways, here is my winter sewing palette!

Perhaps I should have titled this post "Yes, I am still obsessed with Downton Abbey"....

Are you still in fall mode or have you already moved on-mentally or physically-to winter projects?


  1. your winter palette! You know I still have to see Downton Abbey!!! Hmmm...I think I am experimenting with layering (i.e.more jackets; still sewing short sleeve blouses/dresses but playing with cardigans and sweaters, etc.) A bit of a new approach for me! Though I am sure once the snow hits the ground this year that I'll be digging out my warmest wools and long sleeve patterns!!

  2. I haven't really thought much about winter sewing, to be honest. Mainly because my FESA list is definitely carrying over into it, and currently on hold for a last-minute party-related sewing project. But brown coats and orange Cadence sweaters are useful in the winter too, right?

    The one thing I do specifically want to sew this winter, oddly, is to try out my Sewaholic Lonsdale dress pattern. Because as soon as I got it, I knew it would be perfect for a tropical-printed rayon-feeling fabric that I've been hoarding, and I'm thinking that working with such an obviously summery print may help to offset the inevitable post-Christmas blahs.

  3. Oh, I am totally all over Downton Abbey! I know they'll feature heavily inn my spring sewing :)

  4. I am also crazy obsessed with Downton Abbey. I did a blog post about emulating their hair a while back. Where in Ohio are you from? It's so rare to find another Ohio fashion blogger. I'm in Cincinnati.