Saturday, November 5, 2011

Tid Bits

I meant to share pictures of the underpinnings for my Renaissance dress in lieu of Halloween costume post (since I just wore my Renaissance dress again) but I couldn't find the pictures last week! Well, last night I stumbled upon them so here they are.

Corset, hoops and bum roll from Simplicity 2621. I also made the shift from this pattern but the sleeves turned out too small so I just wore a tank top.

Back view!

Last night, the hubby had a photography gig to shoot a band called Sibling Rivalry at a local bar. Sibling Rivalry is a cover band and sang loads of favorites.

The band rocking out!

The two sisters rocking out.

I really enjoyed the concert. I paired my brown circle skirt with an orange cowl necked top and a jean jacket (though I did shed it once the bar started getting crowded!). You can also sort of see a new to me vintage brown purse. The nice thing about small purses is that they tend to be light! No space to accumulate ridiculous amounts of junk.

I also have quite a few sewing projects lined up that are nearly complete! I had planned on getting some finished today, but I had gobs of errands to run today and I was ill on top of that. But I did get to go to Jo-Ann's and pick up some fabric for and up and coming series of projects that I'm very excited about!

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  1. I am so impressed at your amazing sewing skills on those pieces! Plus your hair is looking so cute. Thats a great pic!