Sunday, November 6, 2011


With winter fast approaching, long sleeved shirts have been on my mind! I only have one ready to wear one! Eeep! That's probably why I lived in hoodies last winter. I've never actually made anything with long sleeves before though...

Enter two great patterns: Sewaholic Pendrell blouse (for the body) and Wearing History Sailor Playsuit (blouse long sleeves). And I threw in a self drafted collar for good measure. I was inspired by a blouse in Everyday Fashions of the 1940s.

It's pretty cute if I say so myself. And it goes great with my Audrey inspired jumper. It looks a bit odd on it's own, though. I need to play with the styling a bit. But I did make it out of upholstery fabric and it's super warm. I actually wore it to school one day and had to change out of it because it was too hot!

And look, I match the barn!


  1. I love the big collar, and the color looks lovely on you! Also, cute 'do today! :)

  2. That is fab that you match the barn! It looks really cute, I like the oversize collar! Lovely color for fall, too.

  3. This is SO cute and it goes perfectly with that dress!