Thursday, November 24, 2011


One reason we love the holidays is those little traditions that connect the memories over the years. Last year, I made a lovely plaid dress for Thanksgiving. It turned out excellent considering that I'd only been sewing for a couple months but it had some fitting issues. Plus I had this lovely plaid fabric hanging out in my stash so I decided to start my own little tradition of plaid Thanksgiving dresses.

This dress is from Simplicity 3673 which I made before but this is one of the other views. For some reason, the back of this dress is really huge! The first version I made gaped a little but this one is really ridiculous. Guess I'll be ripping out that lovely lapped zipper and putting it back in again. *sigh* I did have great success with the plaid matching on the seams! Woot!

I'm batting two for two here with sewing projects and my husband. He LOVED the black double agent dress and he thought I looked sexy in this one. Could have just been my crazy awesome approaching hooker height black stiletto oxfords scored for only $30 but I'm betting on the rad plaid matching sewing skills. ;)


  1. Wonderful outfit! Adorable dress!:)

  2. Wow, it looks great on you! I envy plaid-matching skills, I've had a plaid dress on my to-sew list for ages but I'm scared...

  3. LOVE your dress. how amazing you are able to make PLAID dresses. that's hard to do, so I've heard.