Monday, January 9, 2012

Costume College

I really want to go to Costume College this year. Not only have I started becoming more interested in Renaissance and Edwardian fashions, but also the bonus track of extra classes this year is The Golden Age of Hollywood: 1930-1955. How perfect is that for all of us vintage lovers! Now, I'm usually a learn it on my own kind of a gal but that's mostly because most of the sewing that goes on in my corner of the country is quilting and the occasional Halloween costume. It would be so awesome to be able to learn some new things  and learn them the right way, not to mention getting to meet loads of people including the lovely Lauren.

Now, the downside of Costume College is that it's in California. So I'd have to fly cross country by myself which is a bit terrifying. I've only flown by myself once and it was from the tiny airport in my home town to the tiny airport by my grandparents. Yay for LAX (not). And, well, it's going to be expensive. Not unreasonably so but definitely a dent. Plus I'd want to make some lovelies to wear so I don't feel too shabby next to all of the people who have been going for years. (On the upside, it shouldn't be hard to get off work.)

While I'm still deciding to go or not to go, I'll share the fun part of trip planning with you-wardrobe.

American Duchess is getting ready to start presale of these lovelies this month. I really want a pair and Costume College would actually give myself somewhere to wear them. She's hoping to get enough presales to be able to offer both black and ivory and I'd love to snag a black pair.

Photo of prototype from American Duchess' Facebook page.

So, with these lovelies in mind as well as wanting a not too expensive yet versatile wardrobe to take with me here are some pieces I'd like to make.

Mary's garden party and flower show dress. I already have material for it so it will be getting sewn California or no California.

I love this purple dress Cora wears in season 1. I'd like this to be my kind of fancy outfit. Doesn't look too difficult minus all of the lovely beading.

I'm totally in love with these pjs Cora wore in last night's episode. Wouldn't be at the top of my to sew list but would definitely be fun to have.

 I've also got fabric for this blouse from season 1 that also made an appearance last night. I did pick a purple print to stick with the same color scheme.

Edith's black floral blouse (duh) plus a black skirt.

This lovely mauve blouse Mary wears plus a grey skirt for mixing and matching. I already have a lace cami to go with it.

I don't plan on going to the gala, because I really don't have anything to wear nor do I think I can really afford anything fabulous enough to stand up with some of the photos I've seen online, but if I do get a chance to make something, I'd love to have this pink dress from season 1.

Or this red and black layered one from season 2.

And here are vintage outfits I already have that I'd like to take.

1930s style scalloped collar blouse

1940s sailor playsuit + matching skirt

Embroidered circle skirt and teal sweater.

1930s beach pjs

I don't think I'd take my Renaissance dress as it's huge (how does one transport hoops on a plane!), I can't get into it by myself, and, well, it's my first effort and I'm not really that confident in how it looks. It still needs a lot of trim etc to make it look really good.

So that's my kind of vintage and Edwardian Costume College dream wardrobe.


  1. Yay!!! I hope you can make it out to Costume College.
    Thanks for taking the time to post all the yummy Downton Abbey shots, too!

  2. What a lovely plan, Costume College sounds great. Sometimes the things that are the scariest turn out not to be so scary but do offer the biggest rewards. Best of luck!!!

  3. OMG, that sounds like so much fun! I'm going to have to check it out..

  4. @Danielle Do let me know if you decide to go! It looks ridiculously fun.