Friday, January 13, 2012

What's in a name?

Originally, I had thought my sewing machine should be a boy since it's a Brother sewing machine, but my husband told me he'd feel jealous of me spending so much time with another man so she's a girl now. I thought long and hard about a name and rejected gobs of possibilities. Then while lying in bed one night, one just came to me and it was perfect. Jane-more specifically, Jane Bennet from Pride and Prejudice. She's pretty but not flashy, reserved, and (hopefully) drama free. Hopefully, naming her after the most reasonable and calm of the Bennet sisters will keep her out of trouble.

Can you imagine the spirit of a machine named after Lizzie or Kitty or Lydia? 

I think that a lot of times, people end up growing into their names. My name (Stephanie), for example, means crown as in royalty. And I'm a very princess-y kind of a gal. I do have three tiaras after all. My husband's name is William, which means will (as in will power) + helmet and he's an opinionated guy who loves playing the role of protector (hence the army bit). Jane means God is gracious (which is pretty cool since I picked the name before I looked this up). I really hope that my machine grows into her name!


  1. Great post!!
    My name is Alice,but I donìt know what it means :)
    Luckly for me, I like it soooo much!

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  2. My name is Sean, which is the Irish version of John/Jane and means the same. I used to HATE my name because my dad named me after a man (Sean Connery). But lately I have a new appreciation for my name. It suits me. :)

    I think Jane is a lovely name for a sewing machine. Especially being named after Jane Bennet. (Rosamund Pike is just stunning!) And now I'm thinking I should come up with names for our sewing machines.

  3. Good choice! I had to snicker at the other names. I don't want a Lydia machine! LOL! Can you imagine? She'd always be disappearing some place or another. Maybe she'd run away with my vacuum cleaner.
    My machine is nameless. Poor nameless machine. I saw Casey is naming her dress form, and my dress form is nameless, too! It took me, like, two months to decide on a name for my cat when I got him. He just went by "cat" a la Breakfast at Tiffany's till he finally got a name. ;)
    My name means "laurel crowned", but I was named after Lauren Bacall :)

  4. I think that is so fantastic you named your machine Jane! :) I haven't named any of my machines... They're just known as the "Singer", "Kenmore" and "Brother". lol.

    My name is of Irish Gaelic origin (my Dad picked it out), and although it's more unusual for a girl to be named Casey with a C instead of a K, I've always liked it. ;) Usually the definition means brave/watchful. Don't think of myself as particularly brave, but maybe it's just some strength I don't see in myself? ;) lol.