Saturday, January 21, 2012

Out on the Town

 Last night, my husband went out for a night out on the town. We started out with dinner at a nice restaurant. We'd never been there before but the food was great and the decor was lovely. The food had kind of a Mediterranean flair but the walls in the part of the restaurant we were in were covered in beautiful embroidered and beaded fabrics with and Indian feel. I wish I'd thought to take a picture of them. So pretty!

This is what I wore. I decided on Tuesday that I really wanted to make something to wear from my stash. So I pulled out this pretty blue floral quilting fabric that I had originally bought with Colette Pattern's Ceylon in mind but I didn't get enough. So circle skirt it was. I used Casey's tutorial again but instead of a zipper I used four blue buttons as a closure. And on Friday, I made the genius decision to hand sew the hem......It took forever but I got it done.

I also wore my vintage fur coat, new snood and newest Belle Blossom. I wasn't sure what shoes to pair with this ensemble but I went with huge heals since I decided to make a longer skirt. High heals can take a long skirt from dowdy to sexy.

My some miracle I got my hair to do victory rolls. They always give me such trouble and I'm not sure why I decided to try them last night but it worked. Alas, the only picture I got where you could kind of see them was the one that come out really crappy. Sorry. We forgot the nice camera and I only had the old point and shoot to work with.

The show we went to see was Jersey Boys. I'd heard some good stuff about it and while I'm not a Four Seasons fanatic, I do enjoy their music. The singers were great! And the female actresses were amazing! Three girls played all of the female rolls in the show. I was super impressed. It's hard enough to be one character without having to switch in and out of different people all night.

Unfortunately, when there wasn't singing, there was cussing. And more cussing. And more cussing. I know cussing doesn't bother some people but it bothers me. I don't go see films rated R for language and I don't even usually see movies rated PG-13 for language. It even took a lot of pushing to get me to see The King's Speech. So I wasn't exactly a happy camper. During intermission, my husband told me that there had been a profanity warning but that the show had been rated appropriate for ages 12+ due to "authentic language".

I'm sorry but over 100 cuss words with f bombs dropping everywhere is not appropriate for ages 12+. Had I known that there was that much cussing, I would not have gone refunded tickets or no refunded tickets.

So, sewing-win. hair-win. dinner-win. Jersey Boys-fail. Just get the sound track.


  1. eep. i have a feeling i make your victory curls frizz at time... but yes, F bombs and jersey go together like peaches and cream! native NJ'er here.

    i love your date nights. ruggy & i are having one wednesday, which of course i need to make something for! i may steal that long skirt & heels look :)

  2. It's a lovely outfit, and nice job with the hair!

    Totally understand about the cussing-- I don't use those words myself, and it does bother me when a show or movie uses it constantly. (With very few exceptions--the movie "Once" is loaded with it, but the music is just that good and I guess the Irish accents make it more tolerable. So I can sit through that one.) I've definitely turned off movies due to profanity before. And I agree thoroughly that it would not be appropriate for a 12-year-old kid!

    (Yet another reason for me to be glad that I don't live in Jersey. Being within 20 minutes driving distance is close enough!)

  3. Cute look and I love the hair!
    I'm funny about cussing, it bothers me in my native language and there are quite a few words I'd never ever say, but I'm totally fine with swearwords in other languages. Probably because I'm missing the ingrained gut-reaction...