Saturday, January 28, 2012

Pink and Pizza

Ah, Saturday! After a lovely morning lazing around the hubby and I went to Dewey's Pizza for lunch.

It was actually ridiculously warm for January so I took the opportunity to get some outfit pictures.

Top: gift from a friend
Skirt: me made
Shoes: Payless
Knee socks: I've had them for forever

Oh, and best of all it was blue out today! Ohio can be so grey out in the winter.

Ok, so maybe it wasn't as warm as I thought! It was windy and that made it a bit chilly.

Hope you all are having a lovely Saturday!


  1. You look lovely, that skirt looks really nice :)

  2. I love the colour of that shirt (matches your skirt perfectly!)

  3. Love the skirt. :) I also get a lot of my shoes at payless.

  4. Pretty outfit! I love the skirt fabric!