Monday, February 27, 2012

Antiquing Haul

 Saturday, my friend Laura and I went to an antique mall on Saturday and it was so much fun! There was tons and tons of stuff. It was quite overwhelming!

Laura had told me that the last time she went that there were lots of lovely hats so I was definitely on the look out for some.

Although my husband's comment as I was pulling them out of the bag was "How many did you get?!?", I really did restrain myself quite a bit and only brought home four.

The hat splurge of the day was this lovely straw sun hat with a velvet ribbon and bows at the front and back for $25. Not the steal of the day but much less than usually spend on hats on etsy so I was happy.

A lovely green and gold cocktail hat for $7. I suspect it may have had a few more feathers earlier in its life but it still looks nice.

This little white hat has pale pink flowers and a navy blue ribbon and was mine for $4.50. Spring , come soon!

I almost left this little feathered cocktail hat behind but when back and grabbed it at the last minute. At only $5, I couldn't resist.

Patterns were pretty scarce but reasonably priced. I snagged the only 3 non-childrens non-pj patterns that weren't 60s-now.



And more skirts! See the damage to the front of the cover? One of the workers taped my table tag to the front of it and my poor pattern was ripped when it came off. :( I haven't check any of these for completeness but at $1.50 each I figured it was worth the risk.

My find of the day was this lovely table on sale for $99. I don't know much about how vintage furniture should be priced but it seemed pretty fair to me. It wasn't in mint condition but it cleaned up really nice. It also has a leaf that can go in the middle. We've been considering getting a new kitchen table so this find was serendipitous. Just as soon as we get a new home for our old table this one will be quite happy in our kitchen. It didn't come with chairs so we have to find some. Any thoughts as to what would look good?

The antique mall was convinently located near a huge grocery store called Jungle Jims. They have EVERYTHING!!!! including my husband's favorite beer. So I picked him up a six pack of Hofbrau Dunkel and also grabbed some Sam Adams Winter Lauger (another but easier to find favorite) which was on sale cheap. He was pretty happy.


  1. Awesome! I love that wide brimmed straw hat! And how lovely that you found some patterns! I almost never find vintage patterns in thrift stores. And LOVE the table! Good finds!

  2. I know this antique mall! I go whenever I am in Cincinnati!

  3. Jungle Jims is pretty much the best place ever. It's really hard not to spend an entire day in there. Or the antique mall! (Which I've been to many times - it's pretty nice.)

  4. That's one of my favorite malls, I go every month or so. Yes, it's overwhelming, but so many great things. I noticed last time that they have a special sewing/notions area up front. I bought a lot of stuff. I love all your hats! I know you will be making outfits to match. He He can't wait to see what you come up with.

  5. Which antique mall? I love jungle jim's beer selection! We do the make your own six pack all the time with all the single bottle craft beers!

  6. Oh fun, I love the hats! Also, Hofbräu: yay for German beer (although I recently found out that I really like British ale...)!

  7. Such lovely hats, I am wondering how the feather cocktail hat would be worn, I have never seen anything like it and a cool table as well. I also adore British Ale.