Monday, February 13, 2012

Dressing Downton: Costumes I hope make it into season 3!

 Boy, last night's episode of Downton Abbey was easy on the eyes. I feel like we've been seeing the same costumes over and over again, but then they just slammed us with gobs of lovelies all jam packed into the end here. I know there was a war going on (and I read somewhere that some of the costumes were destroyed in a fire) but still some of these pieces deserve more screen time. So here are a few of the pieces I just adored and really want to see again in season 3.

Daisy finally gets a new dress. I much prefer this one to the last one. It's a lovely shade of orange.

I just adore this shade of blue with pale skin.

Edith has another yummy and wearable blouse. And Mrs. Hughes even gets a fancier dress.

Cora's orange blouse was so yummy! The fabric had some kind of lovely print/embroidery on it too.

My all time favorite was Cora's floral wrap dress. *Swoon* I so want one of these. I do feel it could read a bit robe by today's standards (but it's not like people ever wear pjs out of the house.....)

What were your favorites from last night?


  1. I love the way Mary wears blue. You're right, it's a gorgeous, gorgeous color with pale skin (and dark hair).

    That collar on her blouse is to die for, too.

  2. I must say while the costumes in season 1 were a bit more on the elegant side; the costumes of season 2 are clothing I could actually see myself wearing without fear of ruining them. And I had to gush as it evolved from the late teens to the early 20s. I can't wait to see what they have in store. I hope one of the girls will bob their hair. :)

  3. I agree with the need to see this last episode's costumes more! I am glad we finally got to see the backs of those skirts they're always looks like they have covered buttons?

    @Sean: Well, Lady Mary does allude to it...let's just hope that it doesn't turn out for her like it does for Bernice in Fitzgerald's short story.