Monday, February 20, 2012

Winter/Spring Sewing Plans

 After a rather hectic weekend and my husband and I's first bridal expo (He's trying to start up doing wedding photography so cross your fingers that we'll be super busy this summer!), I just feel like I need a bit of refocusing to get me going. I also have a proposal due soon so I can get funding to do research this summer so time management is super important right now. And seeing as you'd much rather hear about me planning out my sewing projects than my research proposal, here's what I'm planning on making over the next few months.

1. Eva Dress 30s Skirt

 I'm making this skirt from that yummy herringbone I got in the fabric destash. I've actually started on a muslin for this so hopefully it'll be done soon.

2. Past Patterns Edwardian Skirt

I so need a black skirt to go with my Dressing Downton tops.

3. Sybil's (and Edith's) blouse

 I've already started drafting this top but I've run out of tracing paper and haven't made it out to get anymore yet.

 4. Sybil's Flower show dress

You guys just heard about this one but I'm planning on wearing this for Easter.

5. Mary's blouse

 I have fabric for this but haven't gotten around to buying a pattern to use as a base but I want to get it done this spring.

6. 40s pinstripe dress

 I'm also itching to make this pink dress! I have an adorable drapey twill with pink and grey pinstripes stashed away for this dress and it will get made this spring!

What are your sewing plans for the up coming spring (or fall for those of you down under) season? Or are you still in full winter (summer) mode? Winter here has been so mild that I'm just so in spring mode!


  1. oh fun! i hope he gets a lot of clients this summer! wow, you have a lot to sew! your post inspires me so much... right now all i have on my list is to take in my husbands waist coat and to make a new circle skirt...perhaps i should sit down and make a sewing list too!

  2. Oooohhh!!! Those are such great projects! I've wanted to make that first Eva Dress pattern for a while. Can't wait to see yours!

  3. Your spring wardrobe looks charming. Once your proposal is done just think of the fun you will have sewing these up. Hope business goes well for your husband.

    I am still trying to pick off ufo's to think to much about Spring...but soon because the birds are exciting. I am working on some gardening overalls from a Eva dress pattern, just managed to get the muslin done yesterday.

  4. This is a wonderful line up. Your are so good to plan. I think the afternoon dress will be great, I love the style of it. I have been sewing about 6-7 hours everyday! All spring/summer stuff. I am in a major sewing mood right now. Blouses and skirts have my special attention. I really need some shorts for summer, I love the winter we are having, it's been wonderful not having the heat on so much.

  5. Oh gosh, I need to make a spring/summer plan but I haven't had time! I did get out my 40s and 50s dress and top patterns this weekend and save some inspiration pics. I LOVE all of your choices! That will be such a pretty wardrobe!

  6. That dress pattern is so perfect for sybil's flower dress! I'm very excited to see all these realized.

    PS; I got your giveaway package! Thank you so much! Do you have any tips on cutting such slippery fabric?