Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Better Late Than Never

 I had planned on showing you guys my February Dressing Downton piece today but there's still a kitchen table in my kitchen and one in my living room and I have an exam tomorrow and my poor husband has caught some kind of funk. :( So instead, here are some pictures from Saturday evening post thrifting.

I made this rose print jersey dress a while back and never got around to photographing it. So when my husband surprised me Saturday night by taking me out, I made him snap a few pictures of it.

There's a little place where a chef teaches cooking classes and on Saturday night, there is live music and dinner. I'd eaten lunch super late so I didn't opt for the dinner but my husband gave me dessert. It was a yummy chocolate moose and I was sad when it was gone.

Wait-Is that another dress? Nope. This is Secret Agent Dress #2.

I accessorized with my purple suede wedges and keep it simple.


  1. Ooh, I really need to get on making one of those dresses. How long did it take you?

    1. I didn't take long at all and it would have taken even less time if my machine had played nice with the jersey. For whatever reason, this one kept getting all jammed up in the machine but the other one was fine.

  2. waaHOOH! the second, she is gorgeous! would you believe mine somehow didn't make it into my suitcase? a dress that can be worn eighteen ways... left behind.

  3. I love how it "cowls" around your neck. Gorgeous!