Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Dinner

 The hubby and I went out for our Valentine's dinner last night to The Melting Pot. It's a fondue restaurant and always delicious!

We decided on a four course option (which is really two courses more than I needed to eat but so worth it!). I didn't get any pictures of #1 (spinach and artichoke cheese dip) or #2 (salad) but this is the main course. We had lobster, steak, chicken, pork, shrimp and mushroom ravioli. Nom nom nom.

And there were veggies but we didn't exactly save room for them.

Desert was by far the best. Bananas Foster fondue which the waiter pour flaming Bacardi 151 on top of.

The dessert spread! Now, by the time you get to dessert, there is really no room left but you just eat it anyways because it is soooooo good.

I went modern in a pink jersey dress (Macy's), gold cami (NY&Co.) and teal cardigan (Limited). I even managed to snag a pair of teal fondue forks for the dinner course, because I'm cool like that.

Happy Valentine's Day!


  1. Mmmmm, I love the Melting Pot! I haven't been there since a couple of birthdays ago, but my friends and I like to do the cheese and chocolate option. A little less expensive that way, and we have plenty of room for dessert!

  2. You look lovely!! I've heard that the Melting Pot is good from so many people! Sounds like you both had a very lovely valentines day!!

  3. Mmm... that looks delicious. And I love red and teal/turquoise together. Very stylish!