Saturday, August 11, 2012

Costume College: Haul

I do have some pictures of Sunday (not of me, of course) but this is my blog so I'm skipping right to the fun shopping post and we'll come back to Sunday. I went to the LA garment district Thursday for a few hours and again on Monday for more than a few hours. Here's what I got:

Yummies! I had two partners in crime *coughenablerscough* to help me navigate the garment district, determine fabric content, and to tell me that yes, I did really need to buy that other fabric I just saw. The total damage: 32 yds.

50s style print mystery fabric $2/yd destined for a 50s dress

Another mystery fabric also destined for a 50s dress $1/yd. I now have a handy burn test chart so I can light stuff on fire and tell what it is. :)

Green and Pink Plaid Silk/Silk blend for a secret project for next year's Costume College $8/yd

White and blue rayon for 40s things $4/yd

Fabulous 40s style tropical print rayon $4/yd also for 40s things.

Buttons! I don't know about where you are, but where I live buttons are pricey! I can easily spend $4 for 3 tacky plastic ones and I got all of these for under $25. They're all metal except for the pink ones which are glass. I got all of these from a seller at the Costume College Marketplace.

Close ups! Top: rose and strawberries. Bottom: western, basket weave, pink flower glass.

My other big item is this 1950s petticoat (or crinoline) which I made in a class at Costume College. I only got the first two layers of tulle on during the class and I've been sewing like crazy the last two days and fighting with yards and yards of tulle to get this thing finished. This was so not a UFO that I wanted hanging around until next year!

Really, it's crazy huge! I've set my old one on the left for size comparison. Wow it was a lot of work but I love wearing it. I just don't think I'll be making one for a loooooong while.

If you get a chance to go to the LA garment district, take it! Good deals are to be found but a guide is very helpful. Nothing is marked as to fabric content and, unfortunately, some of the vendors are dishonest or just don't know what they're talking about.


  1. Lovely fabric and lovely crinoline. Can't wait to see what you do with your haul.

  2. I really love vintage fabrics... I also love to look at modern fabrics shoppes and see retro inspired ones but always dream to make something with it... but I never find time to learn how to sew....I love the 2nd one and the green silk!

  3. Yay, shopping! That was so much fun!
    Wow- that petticoat is a beast! Looks lovely! I need to make one like that someday. Is it edged in ribbon? I love it!

  4. Oh my, the fashion district is amazing! I was there just a few weeks ago...incredible deals:)

  5. I found this awesome button shop on ebay I'll post a link in the comment for you.

    They also have other notions for sewing.

  6. You really found good stuff! And that's a great looking petticoat. I'm glad you got it done.

  7. What wonderful finds, I especially like the 50s-esque floral print fabric. Soooo pretty!!! Buttons cost an arm and a leg around these parts, too, and have for years, so I can totally relate and think what you paid is quite reasonable for all of those.

    ♥ Jessica