Friday, August 10, 2012

Costume College: Saturday Part 2

There was a professional photographer at the gala but there was also an empty backdrop with professional lighting for people to take their own photos.

Gala 28 full lenght

Ginger's fabulous Maid Marion costume from the 1938 Adventures of Robin Hood.

Gala 28 detail

Gala 27 (me)

Funny story about this hair do since it's not the same as the one in my Promaballoona Reveal photo shoot. I had originally planned on doing the same hair do. I did 30s pincurl waves for my day outfit.

Gala 27 (me) full lenght

So when I went to style my hair, I brushed out the waves a bit and poof!

Gala 27 (me) back

Magic 1950s hair!

Gala 26

Feathers are on my list of must haves for next Costume College!

Gala 26 back

Gala 24

A Grace Kelly dress!

Gala 24 back

Gala 23

Gala 23 shoes

This lady was so fun! Check out her shoes!

Gala 22 full lenght

Gala 22 fun

Loved this dress so much!

Gala 21

Poodle skirt girls!

Gala 21 detail

Gala 20 full length
Pretty purple!

Gala 20

Gala 19 full length

Glamor girls!

Gala 18 side

And what a fabulous pirate costume! Next year's theme includes pirates! Arrr!


  1. I love how when you're trying one style and then it comes out as something different, but still great!

  2. I knew it! I knew it! When I was looking through A. Duchess' photos on Facebook, I kept thinking I saw you so I just had to scoot over here to see. :) Looks like y'all had a great time! Your dress is super cool.

  3. What a diverse peak at fashion through the ages. Aside from your stellar party dress, I especially like the gold Georgian era one, that is show-stoppingly beautiful.

    Big hugs & joyful weekend wishes,
    ♥ Jessica