Thursday, August 9, 2012

Costume College: Saturday Part 1

Saturday evening is the annual Costume College Gala. Everyone puts on their best costume, often a secret or themed project and saunters down the "red carpet" before the big event.

These ladies are from northern Nevada and dressed in blue and silver for the occasion.

Gala 14

Lauren R. of American Duchess is there in the middle with the feathers. (She posted a nice black and white picture of me on her blog.)

Gala 12

And here she is posing with her mom. I love that they costume together!

Gala 16

Lauren M. of Wearing History in gold posing with another lovely gal in 30s fabulousness.

Gala 15

Costume College is not just about historical costuming. This gal literally shone in her scifi/fantasy costume. The blue flames on her spine and arms glowed!

Gala 13

This fabulous gold dress is made from swimsuit material!

Gala 10

Silent film stars! (The gal on the left is wearing a long sleeved grey shirt, not just body paint!)

Gala 9

Feathers! Plus you can see everybody lined up to get good shots.

Gala 7

Now this is glamor!

Gala 5

Fur was a popular accessory especially for ladies dressing in vintage.

Gala 4

I just adored the red accents on this dress.

Gala 3

More red accents but Regency this time.

Gala 2

This lady had a gorgeous hat! And her shoes were stunning.

Gala 1

These four ladies went as historical Disney princesses. From left to right-Belle, Ariel, Nala, Cinderella.

There was also a photo booth area with professional lighting for photos but I haven't edited all of those yet!


  1. Oh, my what lovely costumes!! I love the last one with the Disney princesses. How neat!

  2. How fantastically fun - everyone's costumes were awesome. I've thought from time-to-time that the world needs more costume balls, and this post really drives that point home. Why should Halloween be the only time of the year most of us get to don an whimsical, delightful costume?

    ♥ Jessica

  3. What fun:D Some very nice garment construction going on there, what a talented group.