Monday, August 13, 2012

Costume Collge: Sunday

On Sunday, I finally made it over to the costume exhibit at Costume College. Enjoy some of the lovely costumes I got to see in person!

costume display 17

A dress inspired by the liquor hpnotiq.

costume display 16

A fabulous bustle dress.

costume display 15

This dress is based off of one that Glenn Close wore in Dangerous Liaisons.

costume display 14

Pretty purple with beaded trim!

costume display 12

Teal is such a great color to make all of the lovely lace on this piece pop.

costume display 11

The stomacher on this gown was fabulously decorated.

costume display 9

Regency with cute shoes.

costume display 8

I love the hat with this one!

costume display 7


costume display 6

This masque dress had a tea pot and tea cups resting on the top of the skirt!

costume display 5

Titanic era evening dress.

costume dispaly 4

Pink Edwardian!

costume display 3

Purple bustle dress with some great examples of fabric manipulation.

Costume display 2

Red and black dress for a masque.

Costume Display 1

A brown dress with gorgeous gold embroidery.


  1. Love those Edwardian pieces!!! That pink striped and the teal with lace are scrumptious!!

  2. ha, I picked up a bunch of that hypnotique fabric earlier this summer at Levine loft! never would have thought liquor (which is surprising for me).

  3. How completely beautiful! I would have been more than a little tempted to try some of these stunners on - especially the whimsical pink Georgian dress and the deeply elegant brown Victorian number.

    ♥ Jessica

  4. The teal dress and the last brown dress would have to be my favorites. Could not choose between them.