Sunday, August 5, 2012

Promaballoona: The Reveal!

This is a pretty photo heavy post but I really couldn't decide which photos to share!

The pattern is Advance 7015 from 1955.

You can catch up on all of my progress with this dress here.

My husband is a professional photographer so I took advantage of the chance at a free professional photo session.

Woohoo for planning ahead of time!

It was also nice to do a test of my hair do for the event.

This is my jewelry model glamor shot.

First we hit up the local art museum which is housed in a gorgeous building!

There is also a fabulous set of stairs there, but there was a wedding going on so the stairs were off limits.

The whole day was crazy fun.

Oh, how I wish I'd looked even half as good at my own prom.

I really felt like a model.

Except real models are less awkward and know what to do with their bodies.

I could never figure out what to do with my hands.

Watching all of those seasons of America's Next Top Model have not really paid off.

Next, we hit the historic district downtown to pose in front of some shops and houses.

This part was more awkward for me since there were more people around.

But I wasn't the oddest person there by far so it was ok.

Really, I thought I was smiling in more of these pictures.

That's ok because I'm sure you're distracted by all of the shiney things I'm wearing.

I took the opportunity to really pump up the volume in the bling department.

Seriously, more social events should call for rhinestones.

And elbow length gloves.

So thanks Oona for having a birthday prom.

Because I now have a semi legitimate reason for a fabulous dress and lots of shiney things.

The end.


  1. GOOOOOOOOOOOOORGEOUS!!!!!!!!! i hope i get to see it in real life! you truly look stunning. i adore that dropped waist!

  2. You look gorgeous, and you have made stunning job of that dress.

  3. Some like it hot!! Wow, you look so glamorous, Stephanie!! This is just fab. our hubby did a great job with the photoshoot.

  4. So enchantingly gorgeous! I just knew you were going to hit this dress out the park (so speak), and you certainly did, dear gal!

    ♥ Jessica

  5. So amazing! You look beautiful!

  6. You look wonderful! That color looks really nice on you!