Monday, September 1, 2014

1930s Fusion

One place I always find it difficult to dress for is work. I'm a chemistry professor and that means I spend a good amount of my week in a lab. Labs have safety rules and that means pants!

My teaching schedule really picked up in the lab department for the fall semester so I had a wardrobe emergency! Enter these linen pants I made 3 years and 30 lbs ago.

They didn't fit that well to begin with and they definitely didn't fit after the weight loss. I hung on to them though since I wanted to save all of that yummy linen. Originally, I made them from Wearing History's Smooth Sailing Trousers but, due to time constraints, I used Wearing History's 1940's Overall pattern to remake them to fit since I already had a properly fitted version of the overalls.

 So these are my Wearing History fusion pants! The blouse I made from Simplicity 3173 from the 1930s. I got it for a steal on ebay! I love all of views included but this casual, sporty top was just perfect for me!

I wore this outfit for my first day teaching lab this semester with a pair of saddle shoes. Alas, I found these shoes are not up to 7 hours of teaching. So I'm still on the hunt for a good pair of work appropriate vintage style shoes. Until then, it's sneakers in the lab!

These shots were taken on the property of one of the guys in my husband's photography group. They were having a model shoot and I tagged along after work. I wasn't planning on modeling but I couldn't resist taking a few shots for the blog! It was very beautiful there!

Do you wear vintage to work?

Photography: Will Thorpe Intelligent Design


  1. I love these pants! You look awesome--and definitely professorial chic!

    I wear vintage to work every day. I work at a bank, and so I tend to go for a 1950s secretary look (lots of blouses, sweaters and pencil skirts), and my clothes get a lot of good attention from customers. :)


  2. Try any kind of naturalizers or clarks of England shoes. I hear they not only have vintage styles, but are ober comfy.

  3. I am in love with those pants. I really wish my sewing skills were up to par, I can manage simple skirts, but am scared to death of pants. This is a wonderful outfit, work and season appropriate. Thank you for sharing.

    Knitting in Pearls

  4. I am a college instructor, as well. I wear a lot of ballet flats with my vintage. Hurray for smart women who sew!

  5. You look swell! My goodness, you look fantastic! I thought I was following officially but apparently not. I have been following though through checking back once in a while. I don't think I'll ever get the hang of this tech stuff. Anyhow, I just wanted to say you look great and the results are fantastic!!
    A funny thing, I made myself some linen slacks a while ago in the same kind of blue. I've had a weight problem as well and when I tried them on i realized I really needed to get this problem under control. So I lost about 15 pounds but I didn't look great in the slacks still but I knew I was on my way there and that made me feel great. So I bet you feel real great. I can see you look it! So, now I'm expecting and can't continue with my goal but after December Its on! I'm gonna be my ideal weight again although I might have a bit more to lose after the baby arrives. Thanks for being inspiring.

    Oh! And to your query, if I worked id wear vintage. I wear it and have for years and years 24 hours a day no matter what undies, pajamas... all of it . And the undies ordeal, yes! I couldn't agree more, you must have the undies to acquire the right look and the feel! Well I am sorry! Please excuse the life's story!
    I think your blog is great!

  6. As for shoes, try looking at Clarks. I find them comfortable for teaching on hard floors all day. Some of them have a vintage inspiration especially when worn with pants.
    By the way, how tall are you? I often wonder whether things will look good on me. I'm 5'2".

    1. I'm 5'4" and wearing flats with these. High waisted pants generally make people look taller because they give a loooong leg line.

  7. I have often thought about this myself! What would I do if I ever had a job that meant altering what I wore into the workplace! I think you did a good melding of the two here!


  8. You have such a cool, wonderful job! I love that you're a vintage sporting, historical costume sewing chemistry teacher (I would have given my right arm to have had a teacher like that back in the day!).

    ♥ Jessica