Friday, September 5, 2014

Opening Day

It's faire season again! Huzzah! This past Saturday was opening day so we suited up and went out to enjoy the festival day!

Now, I don't normally go in costume if it's going to be 90+ but we're on staff this year so I did. (Plus I was really excited and wanted to wear all the pretty things!) We didn't get a lot of pictures of me on account of the fact that we're actually there to take pictures of other things but never fear! Monday had more photo opportunities!

We got to catch some of our favorite performers including the Wenches A'Wailing. There are always a lot of great shows on on the smaller stages. The pub is a must see for anyone who enjoys a beer with their turkey leg! Most of the acts add in a drinking song and there are toasts all around.

Her majesty was in fine form as always! We didn't see too much of the court since opening weekend is always a bit crazy and busy. But we did get to do lots of window shopping. I decided a head of time not to buy anything opening weekend because it's so easy to go shopping crazy but I did spy some lovelies I'm going to have to go back for!

I was pleasantly surprised how well I did in all of that heat! The key is hydration and electrolytes! The first year I went in costume, I almost passed out since I didn't want to pay for bottled water. Bad idea! If you are going on a hot day, plan on buying loads of water. (Or carry around your own).

I'm so excited for the rest of the season! I still have a few costumes I'd like to finish before the end of the season so we'll see how that goes. Don't forget to drop me a line at if you'd like to do a meet up at the faire!


  1. As I just had two 4-hour rehearsals in 90 degree rooms (seriously the stage was 88F yesterday), I had a chat with one of my music teachers about how to not pass out due to the exertion and heat. He pointed out that JUST drinking water and water and water flushes out your system of electrolytes and such, and that coconut water is a natural source of electrolytes and is thus the best for hydration.

    Having been lightheaded all through the first half of rehearsal yesterday, I tried the coconut water and felt AMAZING during the second half. So I recommend it along to you -- try coconut water. It was not the tastiest beverage I've ever had, but I believe it works.

  2. How wonderful! You looked marvelous and one wouldn't have know it was anywhere near that hot, had you not said. I hope that you have a splendid, fun filled season!

    ♥ Jessica

  3. What a gorgeous costume! I love the red and mustard together. I take my hat off to you for wearing it in such heat!

  4. My hat goes off to you because I would be sweating in the costume. You look really great in it too.