Saturday, September 27, 2014

Sisterhood of the Traveling Dress

One of the great things about vintage is that it connects people across time. Today I am going to share with you a dress that is connecting a whole lot of ladies not across time but across the world!

When Joanna of Dividing Vintage Moments suggested a traveling vintage dress, I knew I just had to join in if the dress would fit! As luck would have it, it was just about my size. The waist was a bit small but that's nothing a waist cincher couldn't fix!

The dress is a darling handmade gem from the late 40s. I just adore late 40s styles and I knew that it would look smashing on me! (It's cut very similar to this dress which is probably my favorite dress ever!)

The details on this dress are even more amazing in person. One of my favorite details are the self-fabric buttons and button loops that close the front of the dress. I love these little matching details even if I wouldn't have the patience to add them to a dress I made myself.

I'm towards the beginning of the dress' journey so I haven't seen it styled a ton of ways but I wanted to try something a bit unexpected with the styling. I wanted to stay away from pinks, yellows, oranges and browns with my accessories to push myself into some more daring styling choices.

The dress had lost it's self-fabric belt somewhere along the line (even though the belt loops were still in tact) so I started there. My favorite black velvet vintage belt was just the ticket.

From there I added more black accessories with the shoes and gloves to tie the whole look together. The floral hair combs were sort of a necessity since my pin curls were being a bit crazy that day. (Seriously, hair flowers can totally save a bad hair day!)

For the photo shoot, we walked down to a near by park. I love shooting at this park but usually it's too hot or too busy. Now that school is in session, weekday mornings are very quiet!

 We're all going to sign a ribbon and then have it sewn into the hem of the dress to commemorate the traveling dress but silly me went ahead and mailed the dress and forgot to sign the ribbon! Whoops!

I've had so much fun being a part of this project and can't wait to see how everyone else wears this dress!

Photography by: Will Thorpe Photography


  1. This dress looks just beautiful on you. You really know how to carry this dress and bring out the best in it. The touch of flowers in your hair really add to the outfit. I'm so glad you participated in this project. Your husband did such a great job with the photography. I'm also amazed how small and well made those little buttons were. Beautiful!

  2. You look like Judy Garland in that last photo! I LOVE the idea of a traveling vintage dress!!!

  3. This travelling dress is such a great idea! Even though I am not able to participate, I get to enjoy seeing all the different wearers and styling and locations and it's just amazing! Thanks for showing the close-ups of the details too - those buttons are just gorgeous :)

  4. Love it! You look terrific, and I'm so jazzed to see interpretations different from my own! And I'm glad you thought to take detail shots-- it completely slipped my mind, and I cursed myself while writing my post about the dress. Uugh.
    Great styling, and I love the flowers in your hair!

  5. Yep, the flowers, shoes and belt bring it all together perfectly. I'm a little frightened that the waist was tight on you (because you're smaller than I am) and if you needed a waist cincher I'm going to need a steel boned corset!

    You did such a nice job with the dress.

  6. How absolutely gorgeous! That print is one of the best I have ever seen, and the cut of the shoulders and goodness it is lovely. Great styling too. Your hair and makeup is flawless and one can never go wrong with black accessories! I use black belt, gloves, and shoes in many of my looks as well, it is always classic!

  7. I love the way that you styled it - very simple and sophisticated, and I feel like the black accessories take it right into fall. It's a lovely look, and I'm really pleased to have found out about your blog through this project.