Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Finding my personal style

Vintage fashion is quite a small niche that once you find it, it's easy to think that you've got your style sorted out. But once you've been wearing vintage for a while, you find that you gravitate to certain looks more than others. And it you wear vintage long enough, you'll find that your tastes will change.

So here's some snapshots of my personal style journey.

Initially, I was drawn to 40s styles, but 50s styled pieces were easier to find so I ended up doing a lot of more 50s styles.

Once I started sewing, I could do much more period accurate looks.

I discovered hats and learned how to harness my hair.

I obsessed over the early 40s.

And the late 40s.

And I made a couple of side trips to pixie land.

So what have I learned about my personal style?

  • My favorite fashion years are 1940 to 1950 although I do occasionally go older or newer.
  • I prefer clothing that is comfortable and easy to wear. While I'm more than willing to wear a girdle and huge crinoline for special occasions, for everyday wear I just want to wear regular old under things.
  • I don't like most novelty prints. Oh, they are so cute, but they make me feel like I'm 12! I need be more picky with my prints and also do more solids.
  • Separates are awesome! Again, more solids than prints.
  • Hair matters. I need to work on finding a great everyday hairstyle so I can look good everyday.
  • I love linen, cotton and rayon! No more polyester!
  • I look good in color! And I can wear loads of shades that a lot of people can't so I should embrace them.
  • I prefer a classic, tailored look rather than a frilly, girly style or a tomboy look.
What have you learned about your personal style?


  1. I'm definitely with you on comfortable, easy to wear clothing. I just "discovered" vintage-style clothing and sewing this year, so I am currently working on changing my wardrobe over from modern to vintage and historical clothing. It takes some adjustment to get used to wearing pretty clothes every day! I love it though!!

    I love the 1930-50s, but I also love historical fashions as well. My hair is persnickety, so it's hard to find an appropriate hairstyle though! I have a couple that work, thankfully.
    I love the aqua dress in the last picture!! :-)

  2. Absolutely true... I also prefer easy to wear and have come to embrace pants more.

  3. I like classic pieces that never go out of style. Like the iconic Chanel suit, it can still be worn today. You have peeked my interest into vintage and I have two or three vintage patterns now that I am excited about. I love solids that are accentuated with prints. I liked for my clothes to fit me well and to be fun. I like the 1960 - 1970 styles. I get both worlds.

  4. Novelty prints may grow on you:) They have grown on me but I think it is all in the style. If it's a shorter novelty print skirt, I too feel a little bit like a 12 year old:) But, there are certainly novelty prints that have an artistic vibe that I just love. I also really love the conversational novelty prints of the 40s where you have to peer in for a closer look at the rayon patterns to see what is happening. A lovely looked back! I find that I flow between the 30s and the 50s. I'm on a bit of a 50s kick right now.

  5. Fun coincidence: I have the exact same sewing pattern as used in the last one of your pictures :) That color looks amazing on you btw!

  6. This is great! I've also evolved over time in my style, and it's also nice to show that fantastic fashionistas don't just pop up overnight. It takes time to figure out what you're doing, what you really like, and what works for your life. Great post!

  7. Gosto do que é confortável e elegante, uso tudo que seja vintage, desde os anos 30 até 70s.
    Amo seu estilo.

  8. I've discovered that my vintage style changes throughout the year. I'm much more 40's during the fall and winter and transform into the 50's in the spring and summer months. I love novelty prints, but have found that I feel very costumey when I wear them. I'm working on getting more separates into my wardrobe now.

    She Knits in Pearls

  9. My personal mantra: Life is too short to wear synthetics. I fully support your lack of polyester!

    I also have the opposite problem -- I ONLY buy and make solids and don't have any fun prints! So I've been picking up cute printed blouses whenever I can. :-P

  10. I love seeing the evolution of style! I too have gone through my many phases, but I adore the late 40s/50s/rockabilly style with a tomboy twist, because I'm crazy like that. I can too wear all sorts of color, so I totally try and embrace it as much as possible! :)

  11. I'm just starting on my journey so really enjoyed this. I thought I would mostly wear 50's styles but I find myself likely 40's more and more. I even am working on getting a 40's haircut, easing into it ha. And yes on wearing natural fibers!

  12. It's incredible how different you look with different hair-styles! It's like you have multiple personalities. The best one, I think, is the one that makes you wear hats ;). Hats are the best!

  13. Great post! And totally relatable! I've really transitioned through my journey too and it's been fun and very interesting.