Monday, January 12, 2015

Casual Sunday

Life in Florida is still evolving. There's no real "normal" yet but I'm mostly loving it here. So when Sunday rolled around, I went for a classic casual outfit. (Mostly because I didn't have the energy for anything fancy.)

This circle skirt is one of my very first sewing projects and I still love it! Plus it's still holding up pretty well which is always a plus.

It's made from a mystery fabric that I now think may be some type of canvas meant for outdoor furniture that they sell every summer at Jo-Anns.

One thing I like about it is that I can pair it with loads of colors-pinks, greens, creams, browns. So I layered a pink cardigan over a green top.

While it's far from cold here, it does get chilly in the morning and the evening so I was wearing a jean jacket over this outfit when I left the house in the morning.

It's definitely been a bit weird thinking of this as winter but I have been loving getting to wear more spring and summery coral shades of lippy!

And I just had to get a pair of flip flops. I'm pretty sure it's a law or something that Floridians must wear flip flops all the time.

 And, of course, pearls go with everything! What's your favorite accessory that goes with everything?


  1. Lovely! I really like that fabric you made the skirt with.

  2. I have a silver omega necklace that I never take off. Actually, I'm really lazy about jewelry, so all of it is picked with an eye for "I can wear this until I get around to removing it". I've been wearing new little silver dangles since Christmas, and all of my other earrings are permanent fixtures. I just wish that I could wear bracelets again -- due to my common need for wrist braces and my instrument choices, I can't wear bracelets or a watch. I want more shinies!

    But I love how well that skirt fits you! One of your first pieces? Dayum girl, most of my self-makes are not that well loved or well fitting.

  3. Such a pretty outfit!! I love the skirt fabric!! I can't imagine beimg so warm! It is downright freezing here in the midwest!
    I guess I would say my favorite accessory is my cream colored oxford pumps. They go with everything! :)

  4. This is darling! And I totally understand not having a new norm yet! We've been here several months and still trying to find it! And the holidays certainly didn't help!

    This outfit is darling! And it's always nice when an early sewing project is still holding strong!

    Glad to hear you are loving Florida!


  5. I know exactly what you mean about that sense of still striving to create a normal routine after you make a big move. There should really be a word just for that!

    What a pretty outfit! Pink and brown are always so lovely together, especially in a vintage context.

    ♥ Jessica

    *PS* Pearls are up there for me, too, as are black hats, neutral hued gloves, gold (or gold toned) earrings in classic shapes, and black patent leather purses.

  6. I think you are living in literally the only place in the US where this outfit would be possible. And it looks great! I love the classic silhouette and the dusty pink with the brown skirt. It's very sweet, and great for a warm weather fall/winter look.
    Jessica, Zella Maybe

  7. Really cute skirt. I already know when you get a routine you will be on a roll. Yes, the pearls are perfect.