Friday, January 2, 2015

HSF 2014 Round Up

It's been a busy year on the Historical Sew Fortnightly costuming front as well. Since I didn't make it to Costume College this year, I focused most of my costuming on things I could wear to the Renaissance Festival. I also did a few vintage projects since the dates were extended to 1945.

The first big project for the year was to remake the bodice of my court gown to fit over a boned kirtle instead of a corset. I am super happy with the fit now! (HSF#1: Make Do and Mend)

I couldn't wait to make this Wearing History pattern when it came out! I made it in a dreamy rayon. (HSF#2: Innovations)

Another vintage rayon project, I made up a shirtwaist dress for the pink challenge. It was just in time for Valentine's Day too! (HSF#3: Pink)

I remade the bodice on this red kirtle although it was remade again later in the year. (HSF#5: Bodice)

I beaded the forepart of my Elizabethan court dress. Originally, I started it for challenge #1 but got side tracked so it was perfect for the UFO challenge. (HSF#8: UFO)

Not all of my projects were big fancy dresses. I made some underpinnings too. See this new shift and boned kirtle. (HSF#9: Black and White and HSF#12: Shape and Support)

I also finally made an apron for my Renaissance wardrobe! (HSF#13: Under $10)

 I also ventured into outerwear this year! I dreamed of making a fitted English gown for a long time and when I scored some wool yardage on the cheap, it was a match made in heaven. (HSF#15: The Great Outdoors)

Since I used my old petticoat to make the boned kirtle for Shape and Support, I needed another one. (HSF#17: Yellow)

And a quick easy project to finish out the year-a 1930s plaid skirt. (HSF#21: Re-do)

And this 1930s dress which you all just saw. (HSF#23: Modern History)

There is also a project that never made it to the blog-a corset for my Borgia dress project that I'll be working on in 2015 (HSF#20: Alternate Universe). Hopefully, it'll both end up on the blog in January so you can see them! So that's a total of 13 challenges out of 24! My goal was at least half so I did good. Next year, the HSF will be monthly instead of twice a month so maybe I'll make all of the challenges! I've already got my supplies for the January challenge and hopefully the sewing room will be ready soon!


  1. Your ren faire dresses beautiful. That little wrap blouse, though, is so cute! I hope you make more because it's super flattering and would probably be comfortable in sunny Florida.

  2. You have made so many beautiful things in the last year. I look forward to seeing what you create this year.

  3. Each of these garments and outfits is so (truly!) timelessly lovely. I especially love the 1930s dress and can totally see how at home you are in the styles of that decade (and it's a good thing because they suit you fabulously!).

    ♥ Jessica