Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Sewing Room Tour

Take a peak into my sewing space! :D

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  1. Your new little house looks a) so cute and b) huge! Yay for space!

    I love how you've set up your new sewing area. Lots of open space, and what a view! Also, often closets don't have very sturdy walls compared to the use we want to get out of them. So you could put a low (or not low!) bookshelf in the closet for some more shelving. Currently, due to "that's what I have" mentality, my linens are stored on a bookshelf in the back hall. It actually works a lot better than the cubical rack I'd been using before!

    Also, I've found the trick to have storage containers out and about in a space (my studio doubles as music and sewing/crochet/knit so I have stuff everywhere) is to make it look intentional with decoration. I have a couple of apple-picking baskets that I store my yarn in -- draped with a piece of brightly colored (but not garment-worthy) cloth, and it looks like a choice!

    And my partner would be envious if he saw how little space your stash occupies!