Monday, January 5, 2015

Starting the New Year Right

We couldn't let New Year's Day pass without a visit to the beach! And we had a few minutes to do some snapshots.

So, sooner or late, you all knew you would see this outfit on the beach! I've always loved nautical outfits and now I have a definite excuse to wear them all the time.

 It was a bit chilly for swimming but walking on the beach is fun too! We're on the Atlantic side of Florida which has chilly water than the Gulf side but that's ok because I'm not big on swimming anyways.

 One thing I love doing on the beach is watching the birds. There are quite a few different kinds that live along the shore and they can run really fast! My favorite are some small ones that run in to grab a bite and then out before the next wave hits.

 Some people might be crazy cat ladies but I'm definitely destined to be a crazy bird lady! Any place with birds is good in my book.

 The waves were great on New Year's Day so we had to get some in the shot. Unfortunately, waves cooperate with photography just as well as small children, but we did get one!

 What did you do on New Year's Day?

Photography by Will Thorpe


  1. I was also on the beach for New Years Day! Side note, my mother is obsessed with shore birds! She's recently started on some paintings and sculptures of the tiny ones! They really are so adorable and funny!

  2. Aw, what a nice way to start the year! I admit to scaring beach birds a lot by trying to get close to them (aka chasing them).

  3. Beautiful outfit. I agree about the swimming.

  4. I love the vibrant blue and green together, it's such a striking combination. And going to the beach for New Year's - so lovely! I think most of the northern hemisphere is seething with jealousy right now.

  5. This is the perfect way to start a new year! I'm loving the contrast between your wonderful vibrant outfit and the soft colors of the seascape, so lovely.

  6. So glad to see you are using Florida's beaches already!

    Our New Years day was pretty low key. Loafing and relaxing from the night before.


  7. Smashing photographs, and blue and green should definitely be seen together! Happy New Year x