Monday, January 19, 2015

One Month in Florida

I can't believe we've already been living in Florida for a month! Eeep! With all of the moving craziness, I wasn't very good about capturing events for the blog but I did manage to capture some things on Instagram. So here's life in Florida.

 Good bye Ohio! On the way down, we stopped in Kentucky for a few days to see my family for Christmas.

Once in Florida, we had to buy some new furniture including this lovely dresser! I want to share some more photos of our place but we're still definitely in the tweaking part of setting things up.

It was in the 80s and humid when we arrived in Florida. Unseasonably warm, apparently. I had no qualms about letting my legs get some sun while enjoying my brother- and sister-in-laws pool. They live super close which is awesome!

Working on getting the sewing room set up! It's been amazing to have my own space to sew but I do miss watching tv. I may have to start bringing my laptop in for Netflix.

Cooking! I adore cooking and having a few weeks with no work means more time for cooking! We're really trying to get back eating healthy so we started a bit before January 1 with our food resolutions.

 First sewing project of 2015! Of course, after I started it got chilly again so I stopped. It's almost done so I really need to pull it out and finish it up.

 My Wearing History Clothing Kickstarter blouses arrived! I'm loving them so far! Expect to see more photos of the Norma Jean blouse later this week.

 Birds playing nice! They did not like moving and the resulting chaos. But now that we've got most of the boxes unpacked and things settled they are really enjoying living here.

Two rooms in our home came with old lady wallpaper. I opted to go ahead and tackle the smaller of the two rooms-the guest bathroom (after binge watching HGTV now that we have cable). Bye Bye wallpaper!

And I painted it blue! Not a perfect paint job but I'm pretty proud of it. The kitchen (also wallpaper bearing) is going to wait a while. 

Leah has discovered that people food can be tastey so you never know when she might fly into your food for a bite. Here she is stealing some popcorn!


  1. It looks like life in Florida is pretty good!

  2. I hope you enjoy your life in Florida. I'm sure that in-laws pool will help ;)

    We also moved some months ago and it was quite stressful for our lovebird, but after a while he adapted and he's now much more happy than before since he has a larger apartment to fly :)

  3. That's nice to have your brother and his wife so close! Their pool looks divine!

    Also I TOTALLY get you when you say you like having your own sewing space, but miss the TV, I am in the same boat! Good call on the Netflix! I may do that too!


  4. Life in Florida sounds amazing, although I can't hear the word Florida without thinking of Florida Man. You haven't encountered him, have you?

  5. Love HGTV. When I'm not sewing I'm house remodeling...especially with some of the rooms we inherited with our latest move!

  6. Love it! Glad you are doing well there!

  7. I need to watch HGTV more, it might get me in a room redecorating mood!
    Good to hear you're settling in nicely, and it's good to hear you have relatives close by! That's always fun!

  8. Those beach pyjamas look awesome. And you're in the perfect place for them!

  9. I didn't know you have birds! I bet they will LOVE the Florida air - you can open the windows for a little bit in the winter and they'll love the fresh air.

  10. Your Wearing History blouses are super lovely! I'm especially taken by the music note one (#want).

    Thank you for sharing some of what's been transpiring in your action packed life lately with us, lovely lady!

    ♥ Jessica