Monday, December 28, 2015

2015 Blogging Wrap Up

I can't believe that 2015 is almost over! Looking back on this year, so much has changed! I knew that moving out of state would bring lots of changes but I'm not sure that I was quite prepared for how much change there would be. I'm still getting used to Florida living but it's going great!

One thing that changed a lot was my wardrobe! My winter weather wear looks much different now! I went through a huge wardrobe purge at the end of February and got rid of 3 huge garbage bags full of clothes. The purging continued throughout the year when I discovered Project 333 and Konmari.

I really worked hard to build a great wardrobe that would be practical for the Florida summers and comfortable. This year, I was really drawn to the simple war era 40s styles and it's not surprise that many of my sewing projects this year were 1940s pieces! I also built a 1940s capsule wardrobe that became the basis for my first Project 333.

Speaking of sewing projects, I did get a lot of basics sewn up this year. I ended up sewing quite a bit less this year but the things I did sew, I love! (Check them all out here.) I also sewed up a lot of yummy natural fibers which have quickly become my favorite things to sew. Lots of linen!

One the costuming front, I was even less productive but I haven't really found any good costuming outlets here in Florida. Plus the climate is a lot to get used to! Wearing all of those extra layers makes you rethink your fibers. Which is so sad because I had just fallen in love with costuming in wool. I did end up doing some 1920s sewing which was awesome! I was totally not expecting to love the 1920s but I did.

My hair went through quite a few changes this year. 1920s bob, all sorts of 1940s snood styles and a pixie. I'm still trying to figure out how to wrangle my hair in the Florida climate. And I'm just one of those people who change their mind about their hair a lot.

Way back at the beginning of the year, I posted about how I wanted my theme for this year to be Less is More. Boy, did I get that right! It all started with my wardrobe, but the minimalism soon spread to the rest of my life. I'm still working through the Konmari process from the Life Changing Magic of Tidying up but I've gotten rid of a lot of stuff that was just taking up space in my home. My home certainly doesn't look like your typical minimalist house but I'm definitely a lot more purposeful about what things come into and stay in my home.

Even more recently, I've started on another creative endeavor-bible journaling! I've never been an artsy type (I'm more of a creative) but I used to do loads of scrapbooking. Bible journaling is a bit of scrapbooking, a bit of art and a bit of spending time with God. There are a ton of great resources out there for techniques and ideas so I jumped right in! Mostly, I've been sharing this on Instagram and Facebook but I've got such a positive response to them that I'm going to start sharing them on the blog as well in 2016.

I'm so excited for 2016! They'll be more minimalism, more 40s fashions, more hair changes and more art! Thanks to all of you who follow my blog. I love having so many wonderful people to share my life with!


  1. That is neat with the prettiness of the Bible journal. I like that!!! I have always done reading of the Bible with a notebook to write things that I might have a question about for God or thoughts about what stood out to me about it and then prayers for people who perhaps the verses remind me of, etc. When I did my huge purging of most of our possessions throughout the whole year, we got rid of (donated) about 25 Bibles! We not have just 2 (one for each of us. . okay and the boys each have one too). My mom goes through one new Bible every year and to me it is weird to have all those Bibles sitting around when someone may want one to read, but alas, I am not very sentimental. I have a Bible and don't need a second or third or 25th anymore. haha. My mindset has changed so much. Good for you getting through Kon Mari so well!! I am glad it has helped out!

    1. I do also keep a notebook where I journal about my daily reading or write prayers or take notes from a teaching but I don't keep those. Writing things helps me remember them but if it is important enough of a thought that I want to read it again, I'll write it in my study bible. I currently have 3 bibles-two study and one journaling-and they are all different translations but up until this year, I only had one.

      Doing the Konmari has really helped me change my thoughts on material possessions. I'm not a super sentimental person either so it's been pretty easy for me to let stuff go. I'm excited to continue to down size our physical stuff so we can focus on more important things. :)

  2. And thank you for sharing your life with us! Your posts (and videos) are informative, fun, inspiring and chocked full of vintage loveliness. Thank you for all the hard work that you put into them and for being such an integral part of the vintage blogging world.

    Here's to a stellar 2016!!!

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Thanks Jessica! I always love when you comment on my blog or send me some instagram love. You are such a sweet and caring person. It's a blessing to know you!