Friday, December 25, 2015

A few of my favorite things

The weather here is still quite summery so my brain is still thinking of summery fashions. I've tried putting together more fall and winter feeling outfits to share with you but I haven't been able to make myself. I just adore bright colors and fun lightweight pieces!

I've never been much of a country/western/south western type person but I do love a cute patio dress! I can't get enough of the ric rac! They are so fun to wear plus I do adore a yellow dress.

Alas, I have yet to acquire a vintage one. Most are too tiny and out of my price range but I'm still searching.

This little yellow number is one I made myself. I used a vintage blouse pattern for the top and drafted up my own skirt pattern (so easy! just rectangles). It was quite a project, especially for someone like myself who hates gathering (and gathering and more gathering....)

And the cost of all of that trim can add up very fast! To cut costs, I used some old curtains a friend gave me for the yellow fabric and collected a bunch of vintage red ric rac trim even though they didn't all match perfectly. Some of the red stripes are darker than others but it's not too noticeable.

I also lucked out by finding some pretty vintage jacquard trim at a local fabric store. The trim I was looking at at Joann's would have ended up costing me $75 for the amount I needed. Told you they can get expensive!

And no outfit is complete without some great shoes! I love this Miss L Fire shoes so much. I need a few more pairs from them.

I really love this fun southwestern and Mexican inspired look. And though I was able to add a few more of these style pieces to my wardrobe this summer, I need more! I even have some vintage gold flecked ric rac stashed for just such a project.

 I also need some cute puff sleeved peasant blouses to go with them too! Puff sleeves are one of the few girly details that I do like on myself.

 Do you enjoy bringing bring, summery feeling pieces into your winter wardrobe or do you enjoy the change of color palette that comes with the change of season?


  1. I love the ric rac trim on patio sets! Mind you, ric rac full stop is awesome... One day I'll get around to hopefully making my own patio set ~ as you've done ~ but in the meantime I'll just admire your sunny yellow ensemble! Also, being summer in Australia means that this is the perfect outfit inspiration for us southerners, so you know, that's a plus to living in sunny Florida! :D ❤

    bonita of Lavender & Twill

  2. What a beautiful outfit, you've done such an amazing job, it looks so authentically vintage! I love these styles and they do tend to be pricey when vintage. I tend to try to pick up ric-rac from charity stores and eBay or waiting for really good sales rather than paying full price (unless it's only a tiny bit) as it does add up quite easily when you are using it so decoratively.

  3. Curtains are a great resource! Very cheap at yard sales and thrift stores, and lots of vintage. Great job!

  4. Such a sweet, cheerful outfit and colour palette. Ric rac rocks for sure! I really like it as well and appreciate the way it seems to speak directly to so many looks from the 40s and 50s.

    ♥ Jessica

  5. What an uplifting and fun outfit! I'm with you on the gathering but well done for seeing it through. So worth it!

  6. You know I love a good patio set!

    I love being inspired by the seasons and their colors. So I traditionally stick to seasonal colors.