Wednesday, December 9, 2015

My Konmari Journey Part #6: Make Up

Ah, make up! All of the pretty things we love to wear! I'm definitely not that much of a makeup junky compared to a lot of fashion/beauty bloggers but I do have a nice stash (or did before I Konmari'ed it!). I have found that I really like to have nicer products in my make up stash and by only having a few trusty products, I can afford to splurge on the things I do use.

While I really do enjoy playing with different make up looks on occasion, I generally reach for the same products again and again so those are the ones I decided to keep. It's really nice to clean out old product and colors that just didn't work on me. Getting ready in the morning has been so much nicer now too! No more digging through product for the one I want.

Do you enjoy having a large make up stash or do you stick to your tried and true favorites?

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  1. Same here. I adore makeup and wear it quite regularly, but I've never felt like I could justify spending a lot of my modest sized budget items I wouldn't be using often, so my current makeup collection (which has actually grown a fair bit this year) fits entirely into a fairly small train case and a couple of decent sized makeup bags.

    ♥ Jessica