Wednesday, December 30, 2015

My Konmari Journey Part #9: Household Equipment

Today, I'm sharing with you my household equipment purge! I decided to go ahead and tackle everything in our office area as part of this category. I'm super excited about to have this section done. Why do there always seem to be 8000 pens everywhere?? And since my husbands desk is right next to the front door, it becomes the dumping ground for junk mail and anything else we bring in the house.

One of the hard parts about this category was dealing with things that were in perfectly good condition but that we had so much of that I don't think we'd use them up even in 10 years! Mari's opinion is that you should just get rid of that excess because the "rent" you are spending on the space they are taking up is not worth it. In the end, I did "evict" quite a bit of stuff. Since filming, my husband has gone trough some of his stuff and we were able to get rid of the filing cabinet because we got rid of so much stuff! Yay!

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  1. That's such a smart, logical way of equating things (that they're renting space), especially, I would argue the smaller your home is. Definitely a good perspective to keep in mind in all areas of one's house.

    Happy New Year's wishes!!!
    ♥ Jessica