Friday, December 18, 2015

A New Out Look

The end of the year always makes me want to reminisce and look back yet at the same time, look forward to a brand new year! At this point, I'm almost finished with my second Project 333 and I've been cheating a bit and pulling out some pieces from my storage box.

My first Project 333 was very vintage heavy and for my second one I went with a lot more modern pieces. Looking forward to 2016, I wanted to give some of my pieces another wear before the year was up to see if they still felt like me.

This outfit was one of my favorites from this summer! And I still love it! I keep coming back to 1940s separates. I love them.

The new part of this outfit is my new glasses! Although I've had some sort of vision correction since 8th grade, I've worn almost exclusively contacts since I got them in my second year of high school. But earlier this year, I switched over to wearing just glasses and I've really been enjoying them.

My previous glasses were my very first pair of vintage inspired frames and I very much enjoyed having them. I had to really shop around to find anything I even wanted to try on. But at last I found a pair I liked.

I'm much more comfortable in smaller frames which is the opposite of what is in style right now. But then I found this great vintage inspired pair! They do have a fun modern feature-the inside of the plastic parts is blue! Surprise!

I'm still getting used to seeing myself in such bold frames but I really like how they look with my retro outfits. Plus they look great with more modern styles too!

Looking forward to 2016, I'm excited to add to my 1940s looks. I really want to refashion some of my old makes to give them new life in my wardrobe. I haven't been sewing as much in 2015 and I expect that will continue in 2016 so I'm planning on starting to feature some of my other creative endeavors on the blog.

 As far as my hair is going, I'm growing it out already. I change my mind about my hair often. That's how I roll. I have no idea what 2016 will bring on the hair front but right now I'm planning on a bob. Guess we'll all be surprised!

 Are you looking forward to 2016 yet or are you still working on wrapping up 2015?


  1. I definitely love the '40s separates! They look great. I'm looking forward to 2016, and I hope you have a great start to the new year!

  2. Those glasses are fantastic! I'm with you entirely regarding preferring smaller frames. I have a relatively small face for an adult (case in point, I can often comfortably wear "youth" sized glasses) and feel like bigger specs often read as costume-y/comical on me. These beauties suit you superbly and really, really look great!

    ♥ Jessica