Thursday, January 12, 2012

Lady Sybil's (and Edith's) Closet: The "How did that get there?" Blouse

I just adored this cuffed blouse Sybil wore in season 1 when she was trying to sneak a visit to see the vote.

Getting a ride to Rippen

I'm not terribly excited about the blue skirt she paired with it but look at the print on the blouse!

More Downton Abbey

So yummy! And this blouse also shows up in season 2...

More Downton Abbey

...on Edith while Sybil was away learning how to be a nurse. So in the spirit of having a sister who borrows your clothes, I named this the "How did that get there?" blouse. I have a sister two years younger than me but thankfully we have very different body shapes and she never stole my clothes. (But I may have adopted some things from my mom's closet.....)

Sisters: Season 2

I much prefer Edith's styling with this high waisted brown skirt. And I like it tucked in too! And check out the shoes. I've been worried about whether I need more than one pair of shoes to match my Dressing Downton outfits, but the Downton Abbey stylists seem to think it's ok to pair black shoes with brown and even white (Watch the garden party. Like half of the people are wearing black shoes with white and light colored outfits.)

s1ep7 return from london

Sybil also has a purple version of this blouse with a large surprisingly modern floral print.

sybil blue

She wears it to go hear the vote counted wit a fab grey suit with purple pin stripes. And I adore this hat!

I have one Dressing Downton project in progress, but this piece is up next. Look at this fabric I've picked out! I just have to find a good coordinating fabric for the collar and cuffs.


  1. Love these shirts too! Can't wait to see what you come up with!!

    And I agree I like it much better with the brown skirt

  2. I love their clothes. I can never bring myself to wear black shoes with brown outfits, fashion sensibilities were so different then.

  3. Oh my gosh, SO lovely. I can't wait to see your version!

  4. THat blouse was my favorite piece from last season. Your print should work very well for this style.

  5. Love the blouse brown skirt ensamble. If you find a suitable pattern for both I'd love to have a go making them in the future.

  6. Have you a pattern for the blouse? Please share!

    1. Alas, I have not found one. I'm going to have to draft my own.

  7. Those skirts are awesome. The stylist did such a great job, she makes it look so easy!

  8. Just got tipped on your post here, as I had a similar idea. :-) I love these blouses! Did you find a pattern? Otherwise the Lisette Portfolio can be altered quite easily: