Sunday, January 15, 2012

Lady Sybil's Closet: Purple Embroidered Dress

This is another outfit from the Duke's visit in season 1. Sybil wears this darling purple dress with embroidery on the collar. I just love this dress! I want to make at least one more dress in addition to Mary's garden party dress and this is high on the list.

If you look closely, you can see an embroidered patch pocket. I adore pockets!

duke arrives 1 

The gown in action. This is also a pretty good shoe shot.

duke arrives 1 (2)
In addition to the five buttons on the white insert on the top of the blouse, there are groups of six buttons down the front of the skirt. (And we can see a second patch pocket on the other side.)

when the duke arrives

Here's a close up of the embroidery. How yummy!


  1. The clothing on that show is to die of my favorite shows. I agree the embroidery is yummy!! Lovely post! xox

  2. That's one of my favourite dresses of the whole series!!

  3. I just watched episode 2 of season 2 of Downton and goodness I want their wardrobe. Though now I'm obsessing over Lavinia's teal dinner frock. The color and the beading are beyond gorgeous!