Thursday, June 14, 2012

Dressing Downton: Daisy's Purple Dress

Despite having pretty much one dress in season one, Daisy has a pretty cute purple dress in season two.

It has a really cute collar.

I'm sure it's made of a sturdy fabric to stand up to kitchen work.

When unrolled, we can see that her sleeves have cuffs that match her collar.

It has a nice wide skirt to allow for easy movement. This dress would be a fabulous every day house dress! The Crawley sisters may have dibs on glamor but the servants sure have more practical garments.


  1. I like her hat. Would that be classified as a beret? It compliments her face shape well. The collar and cuff fabric is super cute and I like that plum color a lot.

    1. Yes, I think it is a beret. It looks kind of like this one:

  2. It is s really sweet dress. I've always liked muted hues like this purple, and would happily wear both the dress and the colour myself. Inspiring late Edwardian style for sure.

    ♥ Jessica