Saturday, June 9, 2012

Thrifting Fun

Thrifting is a rare occurrence for me because I don't have a regular thrifting buddy. And when I take my poor husband, he's ready to leave after 5 minutes, but today we worked something out. I thrifted and he went to a near by bar or some place to watch sports. As I hate watching sports, this was fine by me.

First, I stopped by a thrift store I'd never been to before. Several people had told me that I had to go see all of the vintage stuff they had. So I was pretty excited. They did have some clothes, hats and furniture but I was a bit under whelmed. The bad thing about going to a thrift store that knows they have vintage is that they price like they know they have vintage. I was hoping to at least take home a hat but it was not to be. Most were damaged. :(

I did find some goodies in the craft area. I snagged two pairs of knitting needles, a vintage belt kit and a pack of lingerie guards.

I also found this lovely hiding among the 80s knitting magazines. I wasn't entirely sure what it was in the store but I thought these two ladies were cute enough to warrant $0.80

It appears to be an interfacing kit for making a tailored jacket. Here's what was inside:

Two pieces of canvas with some felt attached and also a piece for the collar.

The felt is attached with these zig zag stitches that look similar to things I've seen on other people's hand made jackets. It's a size 14 which is a bit smaller that I wear so we'll see what happens with it. Have you ever seen anything like this?

I also went to another thrift store (after some yummy Mexican for lunch) but no luck there. I wasn't really expecting much since there is a local vintage store right down the street from it. And since I was right there, I couldn't not pop in the vintage store for a visit. I was looking for separates today but I got distracted by hats.

I got this lovely 40s hat. Just love it! It's actually a bit more maroon than the photo shows.

I was very happy to find a 40s hat to add to my collection. One day I want to have as many hats as Solanah but I have a long way to go!

I also couldn't resist this little navy and white 50s hat. I have some graduation parties to attend tonight and I think I just have to wear this hat out!

I know I have some local(ish) readers and really you should check this place out. It's called Feather's Vintage Clothing. It's smaller that the other local vintage store that closed this past summer but they have very reasonable prices. I thought the prices were very fair and I loved that everywhere I looked, there were more hats! I'll definitely be stopping back!


  1. Those hats are marvellous! Especially little navy one :) Great finds !

    Ladylike Delicacy

  2. I think here in my neck of the woods {Terre Haute, IN} we only have one factual vintage shop and it's measly at best. :-( I usually find my vintage at goodwill, but they're always damaged. Makes me sad.

  3. Marvelous finds - especially both of those stunning hats. I adore the colour of the maroon one, but think the style of the dark blue would look best on me (not, of course, that I would have passed either of them up!). I wish we lived nearby, dear gal, I'd love to be your thrifting partner! :)

    ♥ Jessica