Monday, June 25, 2012

Bodice Construction: Part 2

Here are some pictures of my corded bodice on me so you can see how it fits.

It looks a bit wonky but this was super hard to pin together. The birds were helping. ;)

Lots of boning channels!

Some back wrinkles but I think my shorts were making it ride up. Plus the skirt will help hold everything down.

Look at that bust support! I'm not wearing a bra here, this is just the hemp and cut of the bodice doing all the work.

The skirt is 3 yds of linen that is pleated to be the width of bodice waist line. I used a combination of box and double box pleats. The front(ish) is single box pleated and the back(ish) is double back plated. I did measure out the front box pleats but just kind of eye balled the back ones and fiddled with them until the waistline was the correct length.

I'm super excited because the inside looks so pretty!

Boning channels on the inside.

I sewed on brass plated rings meant for drapes and curtains to use as lacing rings. I'm going to try and do a more period spiral lacing. I had planned on using some black wool from my stash to make trim but then I found three packs of black bias binding and decided that that would be much easier.

And here's the back.


Another bird!

corded boning:
pleating layout:
spiral lacing:
pattern drafted following (mostly) these directions:
Trim inspiration:

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  1. Wow that corded bodice looks really good! i have never seen one like that before so this is a really interesting post series for me :)