Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Bodice construction: Part 1

 So, after perusing the rather limited color selection of linen blends and (even smaller selection!) linen, I ended up purchasing this lovely red linen/rayon blend for my dress. I think it's 62/38 or 64/36 being more linen but I looked at so many I can't remember which. I also purchased a bit of navy for sleeves and natural for an corded petticoat. The linen was on sale 50% and I had a 30% off coupon to use on top of that so I decided to be ambitious.

 These pieces are actually the "lining" so to speak so that the cords don't sow through the front (I hope). It's interlined with cotton twill. I made 1/4" channels and used a doubled length of hemp cord for the boning. Not sure how that curvy one in the front is going to work out but I guess if all else fails, I can always pull the thing apart and remove it. I used a piece of jewelry wire that I bent to have a very thin hook on the end to thread the hemp. Wish I'd had thinner wire! It took up a bit much space in the channel and made the insertion process hard. My poor hands were killing me last night!

 I also cut out and interlined the back piece which will not have any cording. This is going to be a very interesting experiment and I hope it works! The twill alone did a pretty good job of supporting the girls but once I decide how to line this project (an therefore which seams to sew next!) I can try it on and see how things are coming along.

 Working on a major sewing projects with the birds around has been interesting.

 Not only do I have to make sure they are safe from things like pins and hot irons, but I have to make sure my work stays away from fresh bird turds.

 They adore playing with fabric and have adopted some of my scraps which is good because between the birds and the fabric cutting I've been doing lately, I desperately need to vacuum (which is what I ought to be doing instead of blogging....). Seriously, fabric and seeds everywhere! I just have to keep these gals away from my good pieces. But since I did just clean up my sewing space of all non-Renaissance related materials, it can all fit on my table.

Sources for the use of cord boning:

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  1. Awww, your bird is so darling! I want a dress in the same hue as its electric blue wings!

    Wishing you the utmost of success with this project,
    ♥ Jessica