Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Disney: The End

So this Disney post is a long time coming but on my last day of vacation, I didn't get any outfit shots on my camera. They were all on my phone! So now that I've finally figured out how to get them back off of my phone, here they are!

Fabric: sheets (free), gingham ($6)
 Pattern: Wearing History's Chic Ahoy!
Year: 1930s
Notions: Buttons ($9), snaps (stash), hooks and eyes (stash), belt (thrifted)
Time to complete: a while-the top required 3 muslins...
First worn: Downtown Disney
Wear again? Yes! I was a bit nervous about the pants but they are crazy fun to wear. I was able to raise the back on the top so that I can wear a strapless bra with it so I envision wearing it a lot this summer.
Total cost: $15

Sewing wise, muslins are going to be a must for this pattern. I did a bit of pre-adjusting to the bottoms using another pair of vintage shorts pattern that I'd already gotten perfect, but they had to make some more changes. The biggest thing I wanted to change was the location of the crotch. As is common with vintage pants, the crotch is much lower than we wear it today. The top also needed muslins. I had to move the bust points and I also brought the neckline up. The biggest change I made was to raise the back of the top so I could wear a strapless bra with it. I so do not have a 30s sized chest! I used a strip of selvage on the top seam of the back to stabilize it. It's cut on the bias so I didn't want the top to stretch out and sag. So far so good!

I also made the little bolero that went with it but in Florida, I didn't really need it. Next time I wear this, I promise more pictures!


  1. Very cute casual outfit. I like using sheets to make clothing too.

  2. You are such an absolute cutie - and so is this super fun teal and pink (two of my fave colours ever) outfit. Thank you for the enjoyable posts from your Disney vacation, it's been a blast seeing what you wore to the Magical Kingdom.

    ♥ Jessica

  3. what a cute and colorful outfit!

  4. Those culottes are the perfect color!