Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Advice Needed

Well, I've gotten my costume to the point where it's almost wearable. I'm just not sure I like the look of the lacing rings on the outside.

I think they look a bit garish on the outside especially since the lacking cord goes almost straight up and down.

My husband had the genius idea that I try it on inside out to see how I liked it. Much cleaner but there is still gaping under the bust. That's where all of the support comes from. I'm not sure if more lacing rings in that area or a different way of lacing or maybe just placing the lacing rings further away from the edge would help. 

I already have a caul to cover my hair but since I'm still a week and a half out from the event for this costume, I'll have time for some accessories. I could do a partlet which is this bit with the collar.

Or removable sleeves or a petticoat or an apron. Hmmm... decisions, decisions.

So do you like the rings outside?

Or inside? I think they'd need a bit more tacking down on the inside to help the fabric lay properly.


  1. I know absolutely nothing about this period, but I like the rings on the outside! I'd probably cheat and hide a hook and bar on the inside where it gapes ;)

  2. I like the rings on the outside too. Knowing nothing about costuming... would it be too cheaty to place the rings side by side, instead of offset, and tie it up like a shoelace, kind of more like a corset? Seems like that would give better support and tighten it up, but might be inappropriate for that period. But I like Lauren's cheat! :D

  3. I think they look fine on the outside and I agree with the others, I would totally cheat! :P As for accessories, I love partlets!, especially the thin gauzy ones with blackwork *swoon* You probably don't have time for embroidery this year but even a plain partlet would be beautiful. Your skirt pleats look fantastic, by the way!

  4. I think with the cheats, it will look fine! Your dress is looking pretty good. I think adding a partlet would bring the dress up another level and would look really nice with the cap.

  5. Like others above have said, this is not my area of expertise, but I much prefer the rings on the outside. It looks lovely either way though - that deep red fabric is absolutely beautiful.

    ♥ Jessica

  6. Apron. They are so cute and you could use it for another garment, say a victorian or edwardian outfit.

  7. The rings look better on the outside, but perhaps smaller rings set more closely together to give the spiral lacing the added umph to close the gaps and present a cleaner line?