Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Even More Time Traveling

This weekend was a Ren Fest double header for us. Alas, after my sun burn and dehydration on Saturday because the chilly weather made me loose my head and forget about things like sun screen and drinking enough water, I was not up for a costume on Sunday.

The weather forecast was for a high of 75 but chillier in the morning and evening so I opted for a corduroy late 40s dress.

Also, I was too tired to set my hair the night before (see above) so I just stuck in some hotsticks in the morning. I was actually pleasantly surprised that they held up this well.

This gentleman is a favorite performer. My husband always has him play a love song for me. :)

If you want construction details, check out the original post for this dress.

I went simple with accessories-vintage black belt, purse and belt plus pearl jewelry.

Per usual, I got more comments on my vintage dress than I did on my costume, but that's ok. I appreciate when other people appreciate any of my me-made pieces. They are all my lovelies!

I also stopped to chat with one of the belly dancers. This girl can dance! I'm good at sitting there and looking pretty but belly dancing is something else.

One thing I've really liked about this faire season is getting to know some of the performers, vendors and cast members. You have to be a pretty interesting person to work at the faire and I've yet to meet an exception to this rule!

One of the swordsmen! Love their show!

At the end of the day, costume or no costume and sunburn or no sunburn, the faire is all about having fun. And I sure had fun!

Photos courtesy of Will Thorpe Intelligent Design.


  1. Lovely dress! That color is gorgeous on you! We missed the faire this year but they sometimes do a pirate fest in October. I need to check that out!!

  2. That look is fabulous on you and your hair-woweeeee! Looks like the day was fun! xox

  3. I can always count on your blog for the most inspiring vintage outfits. I love corduroy and with your talents I love the way the dress turned out. Plus the gloves! What an added bonus to the outfit!

  4. I ADORE this dress! I just love that cranberry color, especially when paired with black!


  5. What a yummy corduroy dress, and the color flatters you so well. We're still waiting on those cooler temperatures here, but between your dress and Lucky Lucille's post on using corduroy, I'm thinking it's high time I used the yardage of camel colored corduroy I've stashed away.