Friday, September 20, 2013

Separates for Fall

Fall brings chilly weather and layers! Pretty dresses may be fun for summer but fall layers are so versatile!

I wore a new 3/4 length blouse made up for the coming season.

Fabric: white rayon
Pattern: Advance 5900
Year: 1950s
Notions: Buttons
First worn: September '13
Wear again: Yes! You can never have too many white blouses!

I paired this blouse with my favorite cardigan. It's just the perfect length for 50s styles! So many modern cardigans are just way too long!

My embroidered circle skirt and seamed stockings are so much fun to wear!

And I couldn't pass up an opportunity to wear my American Duchess 23skiddos!

I was crazy happy with my hair! Hot sticks work wonders for revitalizing pin curls for a night out.

And, of course, the perfect accessory-a glass of wine!


  1. So lovely! You look beautiful. Love this blouse and outfit very much!

  2. Lovely blouse! And how PERFECT is this skirt!? I'm utterly in LOVE. The whole outfit is absolutely darling!


  3. Great outfit! Chocolate is definitely your colour :) I love separates for fall, too. So many lovely layering opportunities.

  4. I need more white blouses. Because, like you said, you can't have enough. I kinda feel that way about circle skirts too.

  5. You look terrific! Love the whole outfit!

  6. A perfect look for fall! I can't wait until it cools off a little more here, and I can get out the layers. It's 87 degrees right now : /

  7. Your look screams fall! And I love those shoes, I can always count on your blog for perfect outfits!